Thursday, December 11, 2008

Those Who Dream

Kristene is a very talented songwriter and musician. She is one of the young people launched from JHOP DC to plant JHOP San Francisco in late 2005. The call to intercession that she is living is beautifully expressed in these songs. Here is a wonderful example of a new breed of Christian that goes into the closet of prayer instead of seeking the religious robes of self-promotion. She has pursued intimacy with Jesus and humility, and now emerges from the desert with a voice.

See the video for Kristene’s new album Those Who Dream.

Finally they said, “Who are you? Give us an answer to take back to those who sent us. What do you say about yourself?” John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’ ” (Jn 1:22-23)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

I came across this photo online today in an album of kids that are scared of Santa.

Let's face it–how would you feel if you turned around and saw that you were sitting in the clutches of some kind of freakish clown bellowing out an unnatural cackle. "What's so funny? Can't you see that I'm terrified by the very sight of you?"

Friday, November 21, 2008

No. 08A407

Just FYPI- For Your Public Information

Justice Souter denied it, but Justice Clarence Thomas found enough merit in the petition to put No. 08A407 to conference.

On December 5th, just 10 days before the Electoral College actually casts their votes (You didn't actually think they already had done that did you?), the nine Supreme Court judges will conference together to discuss the petition challenging Barack Obama's birth certificate and U.S. citizenship.

This is an easy one, right? If he's got one, then show it. If not, then we should know...right?


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Sheer Curtain

Below is an account from our JHOP San Francisco team. Friday night they did what they always do which was to go to a street corner in the Castro District to quietly pray and worship Jesus. This night they were not evangelizing. They were not marching as the media tried to report it. They were not protesting concerning Proposition 8 which the news tried to make it sound like. They were praying...quietly. What happened next, I believe, was nothing short of a power encounter that revealed the rage and perversion of the hidden demonic realm.

This had less to do with the 500+ crowd of homosexuals that mobbed around the small group of young people, and mostly to do with the Church fulfilling her job description–challenging the principalities and powers. While they continued to peacefully worship God, the hateful mob hit them, knocked them down, kicked them, spit on them, urinated on them, groped them, tried to undress them and threatened to their face, "We will kill you!" The human frame wasn't built to contain the evil that rages when their spiritual strongholds are threatened. But we WERE built to house the glory of God that is being revealed in these last days.

Personal note: Please pay close attention to the attitude and posture of love that is demonstrated toward the homosexuals involved in this encounter. These young people represent the best of all that we hope to raise up in a generation of counter-cultural dreamers. Know this that our battle is not against flesh and blood. We all need a personal encounter with the God-man Jesus. In this way, we are all the same.

Letter from the JHOP-SF Team:
We wanted to write you and fill you guys in on what happened to our team here in San Francisco last night. This is what happened from one point of view and gives a pretty good overview of the night.

I went to the Castro (the homosexual district of San Francisco) with JHOPSF (I have been with the Justice House of Prayer San Francisco since April 2008.) like we usually do on Friday nights.

Normally, we sit on 18th and Castro, and someone plays the guitar, and we all worship God. Often times people will be drawn to us, even if only for curiosity of what we're doing, so we get to talk to them, and tell them about the Love of Jesus Christ. On rare occasions, when the Holy Spirit clearly guides one of us (usually a leader), one person will open-air preach for a little bit.

Sometimes a person will yell at us, or maybe a few. Sometimes people will ignore us. Sometimes people will let us pray with them. We get different responses from different people each time, but the Lord always meets us there.

This time was not a normal night. It was the first time we'd been back in the Castro to do our normal outreach since California Proposition 8, which defined marriage as "one man with one woman" was passed. Apparently, previously, someone at a No on 8 rally singled out Promised Land Fellowship (The church that we attend), and specifically the team they send out to the Castro on Friday nights (us) as being affiliated with the Yes on 8 campaign (which is partially true. All the individuals involved with the Castro Outreach were involved with the Yes on 8 campaign, but mostly in prayer. However, the Castro Outreach isn't about Gay marriage, or politics - it's about Jesus Christ.).

We played the guitar and sang together and worshiped the Lord. Nobody preached. Nobody even really talked to anyone except for a little bit near the beginning.

After just singing and worshiping God for a while, Roger decided that we should all hold hands in a circle and continue singing. So we did.

Someone (actually a person who came up and hugged and kissed some of us who he knew from the past and was asking us how we were doing) convinced some people that we were there to protest against the No on 8 campaign.

Then some guy who was dressed up like one of the sisters (The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a group of men who dress up in drag like nuns and call themselves the spiritual authority of the Castro.) took a curtain-type thing and wrapped it around us.

Then a crowd started gathering. We began to sing "Amazing Grace," and basically sang that song the whole night. (at some points we also sang "Nothing but the Blood of Jesus" and "Oh the Blood of Jesus".)

At first, they just shouted at us, using crude, rude, and foul language and calling us names like "haters" and "bigots." Since it was a long night, I can't even begin to remember all of the things that were shouted and/or chanted at us.

Then, they started throwing hot coffee, some people got it in their faces, soda and alcohol on us and spitting (and maybe even peeing) on us.

Then, a group of guys surrounded us with whistles, and blasted them inches away from our ears continually.

Then, they started getting violent and started shoving us. We just gathered in as tight as we could together and worshiped singing Amazing Grace.

At one point a man tried to steal one of our Bibles. One of the girls noticed, so she walked up to him and said
"Hey, that's not yours, can you please give it back?" He responded by hitting her on the head with the Bible, shoving her to the ground, and kicking her. I called the cops, and when they got there, they pulled her out of the circle and asked her if she wanted to press charges. She said "No, tell him I forgive him." Afterwards, she didn't rejoin us in the circle, but she made friends with one of the people in the crowd, and really connected heart to heart.

Our leader got death threats. As the leader of our group, people looked him in the eyes and said
"I am going to kill you." and they were serious. A cop heard one of them, and confronted him.

(This part is kinda graphic, so you should skip the paragraph if you don't want to be offended.) It wasn't long before the violence turned to perversion. They were touching and grabbing me, and trying to shove things in my butt, and even trying to take off my pants - basically trying to molest me. I used one hand to hold my pants up, while I used the other arm to hold one of the girls. The guys huddled around all the girls, and protected them.

Soon after, the cops came and stood between us and the mob. When it was getting more heated, the cops were like
"You guys should leave" because it was getting harder to protect us. And our leader said "We want to stay." Then they said, "If you want to get out you have to get out now."

Someone tried to steal my backpack, but I tapped a cop on the shoulder and said
"Hey, that's my bag." and he got it from him and gave it to me. Others weren't so lucky. Probably half our team got their jackets stolen.

Eventually, as the crowd was getting more and more uncontrollable, the cops were afraid for our lives, so they escorted us to our van. (The cops were very nice to us from start to finish.)
Our van was parked pretty far because it was hard to find parking that day. As the cops escorted us, the mob followed us, until the cops formed a line and held off the people so we could drive away. We took the long way home, just in case anyone tried to follow us.

When we got home, we prayed and sang more, and then prayed over each other.

The whole experience made me love and brought me closer to God and my friends and the people in the Castro as well as the Church in general and the lost.

Please know my heart. All of what we do is for the Love of Jesus Christ, and the love for those in the Castro. The Bible says to love God, and then love people. We can only love because He loved us first.
We can't hate the people because they are just broken and blinded by the spirit of this age. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against Principalities and Powers. It's not a political thing, we just love the people. We don't want to convert gays to straight people. We want them to know the Love of Jesus Christ. Even if someone never becomes attracted to the other sex, they can still love Jesus Christ with all their heart, mind, and soul. As the mob raged, all I could pray was "God have mercy." It really is all about God's mercy. He desires mercy over judgment. He desires for all to be saved.

One of the things that I remember them chanting was
"Shame on you." One of our girls later pointed out how, in some weird way, it's a privilege for us because we know that Jesus bore all our shame and all our transgressions on the cross. So it's kinda like taking on their shame so we can cast it onto Jesus.

This is the raw footage of the walk from 18th and Castro Street to our car. It was only the very tail end of the night and says that we were all about Prop 8...
when in reality we had nothing to do with Prop 8 this night.

May the Holy Lord God Almighty, Who Was, Who Is, and Who Is To Come, be glorified now and forevermore. Amen.

Thank you for praying for us, and more for this people in the Castro. We have found ourselves even more broken over them. We love you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Where Can I Learn This?

Is there an extra charge for awesomeness on this?

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Another Ad Breaking Today

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


 Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Wedge Issue

Last night’s debate was definitely better than the other two. I enjoyed seeing a little banter between them. Both are crushing with their negative attack ads. The amount of media dollars being spent right now is staggering.

Concerning the short section concerning Roe v. Wade:
McCain: “I thought it was a bad decision.”
Obama: “I am somebody who believes that Roe versus Wade was rightly decided.”

All the sweet subtleties and eloquent sentences don’t sway me while the dreams of God are being snuffed out in wholesale numbers. I believe the Church will be held accountable for where she stands on November 4th.

It’s not like I really needed it, but Obama’s words last night encouraged me beyond measure that my solemn stand in prayer in front of the Supreme Court is desperately needed now more than ever.
Obama: (concerning the appointment of Supreme Court Justices) “And it is true that this is going to be, I think, one of the most consequential decisions of the next president. It is very likely that one of us will be making at least one and probably more than one appointments and Roe versus Wade probably hangs in the balance.”

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Never Find Out

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Do the Math

Kim and I attended a Sarah Palin rally yesterday to see firsthand just what all the hullabaloo is about.

Sarah’s event was relocated at the last minute from a 5000-person venue to a NASCAR track. The MSM reported that about 20,000 were in attendance, but I heard over an on-site radio that the inner circle had 20K in it. There were at least 25,000 people there, and it was explosive.

In other news, the Clintons drew 1,500 people to an event, and Joe Biden drew a whopping 500.

Sarah- 25,000
“Say-it-ain't-so” Joe- 500 (that's barely a junior high pep rally)

“The Palin Effect” was in full effect yesterday.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I've Got a Bracelet Too!"

What a weird moment in the presidential debate last night when McCain told about his bracelet and Obama quickly fired back, “I got a bracelet too!” We were watching the debate and praying in JHOP last night. I looked around the prayer room, and everyone had such a weird look on their face when Obama said that. I knew everyone was thinking the exact same thing–“Well mister, I got a bracelet too.”

Since October 2004, we’ve mobilized about 325,000 people to wear the Life Band and make the solemn commitment to PRAY, VOTE & OBEY. Pray daily for the ending of abortion; Vote for pro-life candidates; Obey God as He leads in acts of compassion and justice. 325K isn’t massive, but it’s nothing to excuse either. I believe God is gripping His Church like never before to take a stand for life. Young and old, Catholic and Protestant, male and female.

I’m noticing on blogs today pointing out that Obama had to stumble uh, uh, uh and read the name on the bracelet to remember what it’s actually for. That gaffe is of course NOT getting picked up by the media. Had it been Sarah Palin, we’d n-e-v-e-r hear the end of it.

Rest assured, I will not be forgetting what my bracelet stands for on November 4th.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Open Season

"Open Season" has been declared on Joe Biden, and he has promptly lost Obama the Catholic vote.

Many questionable politicians say that their personal faith shouldn't be a factor for public office. If you're going to hold to that position, then you shouldn't use your public office to spout off inaccuracies about Church doctrine. Congratulations go to Joe Biden for getting himself excommunicated over grossly incorrect statements about abortion and when life begins.

This guy's been nothing but a anchor weight since he was selected.

This is unsubstantiated, but I feel compelled to regurgitate it here. There's a blog rumor running around that Biden will step down from the VP slot for "health reasons" after the VP debate next week. The rumor goes on to say that Obama will select Hillary to replace him. Everyone thinks he's kicking himself for not doing that to begin with. The blogs are trying to "out" this rumor just in case it really goes down.

DC and lovin' it

I've been in DC for a couple of days now. I was just here a few weeks ago for TheCallDC, but oh how I love this city. I'll be here until a few days after the elections on November 4th–a nice long stay.

I'm still in that awkward place of wandering in search of internet access–sitting in a cool little coffee shop close to Union Station right now called Ebenezzars sipping an iced vanilla latte. I'm still thrilled with my iPhone and the 3G connection which has saved me for the last few days. The Safari web browser doesn't play Flash media though, and pretty much everything I'm working with right now is Flash based.

My team and I are still trying to work out the kinks with our LIVE system. Currently frustrated with the Backjack II we bought for mobile broadcasting. Seems that Samsung decided to add GPS to the model we have but SUBTRACTED wifi connection ability. The previous model had wifi, and we didn't notice the change before we made the purchase. That means all of our live video feeds will be limited to 3G speeds making them pretty choppy. Not happy at all about that.

Most of the video feeds will be from in front of the Supreme Court, and the promenade there is a free hotspot. The plan was all coming together until... Take nothing for granted; always read the small print.

The content is just in the early stages right now, but it will ramp up next Wednesday, September 24. You can be in the loop at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Words Escape Me


Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Nuff Said?

A few days ago former NYC mayor Ed Koch made this statement:

“I predict that the outcome of the presidential election will depend not on the economy, not on the Iraq war, not on the price of gasoline or the issue of national health insurance, but on the issue of the right to abortion.”
For two years I have prayed intently (along with many others), “God drive abortion like a wedge into the 2008 Elections.” I believe TheCall in DC coinciding with the Saddleback Civil Forum was the turning point. The “issue” of abortion that so many have tried to push down in priority and dismiss as an old topic suddenly rose through the murky waters and became visible again. August 16 marked the day that the current of the campaign waters shifted quite unexpectedly. McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate seems to have sealed the deal that abortion, LIFE and the sanctity of human life will be at the forefront.

I can’t think of a more clear direct answer to prayer.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not some run-of-the-mill party politics. If it’s easy for you to discount any discussion on the topic, then you’ve grossly misunderstood the motivations that are driving this movement. I am for whomever will stand on the side of the pre-born. I will support the one who stands on the side of the innocent. If that’s a Democrat, then so be it. If that’s a Republican, then so be it. It happens to be the case this time around that Barack Obama has voted multiple times to block the protection of babies born alive as a result of abortion. Get out all your lipstick for this one, but it’s still INFANTICIDE. Regardless of all other policies, ideas and smooth speeches, I cannot stand with this man. The man that devalues human life and the innocent to this extent cannot be trusted. Moreover, the door of the White House cannot be opened to that kind of spiritual leadership.

That’s right, I said “spiritual leadership.” In our blessed democracy, the office of President is so much more than just a civil position.

The race gets really ugly from here on out. Obama’s so-called higher ground tactics are about to take a stroll through the mud and slop. It’s already well underway. All hell is raging against Palin. Everyone underestimated the galvanizing effect she would have on the social conservatives. Obama seriously miscalculated how the race would change. And he’s really kicking himself for picking Biden the anchorweight.

I will not be courted by a polite and puny plank in your platform. Don’t insult me with your feeble attempt to make me feel “comfortable.” I don't want to feel comfortable. There’s too much at stake. I don’t care what the Republicans, Democrats, pundits, commentators or Matt Damon are saying right now. I only care about what God is saying right now.

This isn’t about imposing my religious beliefs on someone else–arguing “If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one.” No, this is a justice issue. It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing. It’s never the wrong time to demand justice.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

She missed

Well, Hurricane Hanna was supposed to pummel us, but those of us a couple hours inland escaped with only a light drizzle last night. Early projections had the eye of the storm coming all the way in to Fort Mill, SC and then taking a sharp right turn up the coast. The storm broke early though and is now dumping loads of rain on it's way north.

I'll be honest; we could have used the rain. But I'm sitting here in my front room right now looking out the window at little peeks of blue sky. We planned for a wet Saturday. Time for Plan B.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Can anyone say “virtual flashpoint”?

Be watching on October 6th. That's the opening day of the Supreme Court. Sure to be a circus this year.
Twitter @Bound4LIFE, @mattlockett
I’m launching a portal that will capture content during the 40-day fast before the 08 Elections. It will funnel Twitter (realtime micro blogging), Qik (live mobile video streaming), 12seconds (micro video), UStream (live webstreaming), Flickr (including mobile uploads) and an RSS feed of blog entries.

Everyone on my core team will be actively creating content in each of these areas-all filtering into one convenient location. Watch for it’s launch in the next few days at Bound4LIFE.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In case of fire, break this sign

OK, I'm pretty good with directions. And I love maps and diagrams. This emergency diagram caught my attention though. Perhaps the fire marshall is satisfied with this in the sense that it probably meets code. But, c’mon, this is completely ridiculous. Is this really supposed to help save my life as I’m being overcome by smoke and flame?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

45th Anniversary

Monday, August 25, 2008

40 Days- DC & San Diego

I'll be relocating my team back to DC in a few weeks for an extended stay. Lou Engle and I are coordinating prayer strikes on the coasts leading up to the elections. Lou will be organizing 40 days of day & night intercession in San Diego, and I will mirror the same time frame in DC.

Sept 23–Nov 1
This will come full circle for Bound4LIFE. The life tape began in the days immediately preceding the 2004 elections. Hard to believe that it has been only four years. In a relatively short period of time the life tape has spread throughout the nation and seven other nations. There are 216 official local chapters now.
In April when we mobilized to pray at every Supreme Court in America at the same time, there were more than 6,200 people that participated. It's not about the numbers, but it does help serve as a reminder that God is broadcasting his feelings concerning abortion. More and more I believe that the Body of Christ is getting their antennas up.
Please pray for me as I'm putting together a team to stand with me in DC. I'll be rallying the B4L chapters to gather there with me, but I'm looking for a core team that will commit to the full time–one that I can build unity with to carry and anchor the initiative.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Democrats Speak

Democratic National Committee Chairman-   CHECK
Democratic Presidential Nominee- CHECK
and Hillary Clinton- CHECK

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Plausible Denial

This just made me happy when I found it.

Friday, August 01, 2008

My heart's all a twitter

So something unexpected happened today. Nancy Pelosi adjourned the House for a five-week summer vacation specifically to block a vote on an energy bill. All the Dems left and Nancy turned off the lights and unplugged the microphones.

Then none of the Republicans left. Outraged and demanding an up or down vote, they continued the debate in the dark speaking at the top of their lungs. People in the gallery began to cheer. Any other day the rest of America would know nothing of this because the CSPAN’s cameras weren’t rolling. But not today. Today little Congressional fingers got to twittering.

What’s twitter? If you don’t already know, then you need to find out for yourself. Get your own free twitter account and follow me @mattlockett. Then get your own followers–the number depends on how interesting you are. I’ve been raving about twitter for a while now loving every bit of how communication is literally being reinvented.

Reports say that up to 35 Congressmen were using twitter to report on the goings-on from the House floor. Spirited speeches were met with roaring applause and chanting for the Democrats to return and vote on an energy bill targeting high gas prices.

While Americans suffer from the high cost of fuel and are opting for the “stay-cation,” Congress was adjourned with unfinished business. But this isn’t a post about high gas prices or publicly humiliating Nancy Pelosi. This is a standing O for the Republicans that owned this day. The entire tweet-o-sphere was set ablaze this afternoon with updates in real time. C-SPAN was linking directly to John Culberson’s twitter feed and qik videos in lieu of the traditional cameras.

Gone are the days of asking people to “write a letter to your Congressman.” Now you can just twitter them until they cry “UNCLE!!!”

So twitter on Rep. John Culberson (TX), and thank you for schooling us today. Tomorrow America will ask, “What’s a twitter and where can I get one?” I think the Dems need to go to summer school thanks to you and your tech-savvy colleagues. And please keep your qik videos coming. Rep. Pete Hoekstra (MI) is also a twittering stud.

I feel strangely warmed inside having participated today. All I can say is “tweet tweet.”

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Who says the Burning Bush is done? Today the Bush Administration released the draft of a regulation that would define pregnancy and when pregnancy begins. Specifically it would define the most widely-used forms of birth control as ABORTION. This ignites a blazing fury of debate because of it’s implications for those seeking to establish “personhood” as beginning at conception.

I’m not sure of it, but it sounds like this was possibly influenced by the ruling of the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that recognized the SCIENCE defining a fertilized egg as a “human being.” The new regulation would define abortion as
“any of the various procedures - including the prescription, dispensing and administration of any drug or the performance of any procedure or any other action - that results in the termination of the life of a human being in utero between conception and natural birth, whether before or after implantation.”
Critics are quick to attack this calling it Bush’s final effort to block women’s right to choose. Already Pelosi and Feinstein are calling for the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary to reject the draft. What’s profound is that the President doesn’t need approval to enact the regulation. It could be revised, rejected or the President could just put it into effect by his own prerogative.

The regulation also exposes the problem of forcing health care workers to cross personal moral barriers. It would increase the rights of conscientious objection. The White House said the administration “has an obligation to enforce” that right and is “exploring a number of options.”

No doubt the debate will heat up even more. My prayer continues to be that God would drive abortion like a wedge into the 2008 elections. I believe the soul of the nation is at stake. When it comes to the candidates, I say “I don’t need a savior. I already have one.”

Please pray for Michael Leavitt the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Doesn't Red and Blue make Purple?

Have fun coloring the United States. Trick is, you only get two crayons–red and blue. Test your political prediction prowess by guessing which way each state will go. Watch the electoral vote counter shift with each whimsical (or serious) prediction.

Another Milestone

In February of this year, the Senate passed a Native American Apology (authored by Senator Sam Brownback). This came with much prayer dating back to 2003 when God led our company to walk the Trail of Tears as an act of intercession to identify with injustice. That Apology is now stalled in the House.

Yesterday the House passed a resolution apologizing for Slavery and Jim Crow. This is extremely significant. There have already been states that have issued similar apologies, but it was imperative that it come from the federal government.

God has spoken to us clearly concerning the three streams of innocent blood that have flowed into and fueled the demonic strongholds of the nation.
  1. Injustice to the Native American
  2. Injustice to the African American
  3. Injustice to the Unborn
Each one of these must be cut off. The Christian native american leaders have instructed us that the only thing required to sever the ties to the past is an apology. No reparations–no payment for damages. Just a big federal “I’m sorry.”

That’s exactly what this Slavery Apology does as well. There has been fear about these kinds of resolutions because they could open the door to endless lawsuits demanding restitution. This Apology is crafted to go to the root which is to deal with the “misdeeds” and not the “lingering consequences.” I love it that God has used a white man representing a black majority district to bring this forth.

For the full text of the Native American Apology go here and search S.1200.ES.

For the full text of the African American Apology go here and search H.RES.194.EH.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These Doors Will Stay...(to be continued)

Yesterday marked the first official day that Planned Parenthood of South Dakota was required by law to inform a woman seeking an abortion that it ended the life of a separate unique living human being. PP had challenged the law on the basis that it infringed on the doctors freedom of speech, but the 8th Circuit Court determined and ruled overwhelmingly that it was not unlawful to require them to tell the truth. Truth? Yes, truth. The court found the genetic research presented was profoundly convincing evidence, and also stated that Planned Parenthood presented no evidence to the contrary.

So what does this mean for Planned Parenthood of South Dakota? Yesterday their defiant doors were supposed to be open for business ready to honor the law. The photo of the banner is from 2006 when they challenged an abortion ban passed by the state legislature. The Bound4LIFE South Dakota team was there early to pray yesterday. They watched as the morning appointments began to show up, but the doors never opened even though there was a sign on the door stating they planned to close early at 3 PM. Apparently they also refused media access that wanted to report on their compliance to the law.

Monday’s are typically busy days even though there are no doctors in SD that will perform abortions–the abortion doctor flies in from Minneapolis. MN has been exporting death to SD for years. The first young woman that showed up for her abortion yesterday morning was left in the parking lot confused even though there were two staff cars parked in the lot. Surprisingly she came out to the sidewalk to talk with our Bound4LIFE chapter leader to see what was going on. It was an emotional conversation as our leader pleaded with her not to take the life of her baby and make a decision she would regret. The young woman sat in her car with her boyfriend for a while crying and eventually left. Four more appointments showed up and were forced to leave as well. Clearly Planned Parenthood is demonstrating here that their utmost concern is for the well-being of the women, right? WRONG!

Of course the parking lot is the safest place to be when Planned Parenthood is concerned.

So it’s anybody’s guess what was going on yesterday. Perhaps the doctor is protesting the law by refusing to come. Maybe the lawyers are the ones holding up the doctors. Not sure, but one thing is for certain–Planned Parenthood is desperate and scrambling to hold together what shredded pieces of their facade are left. That thin veneer of prettiness is starting to look a bit tattered.

Truth will prevail. From our beginning it has been declared that we are created in the image of God. Abortion strikes at the very image of God. Why does Planned Parenthood want to suppress the truth that is being revealed through genetic science? Why do they say that women should have the ability to make their own choice but then not give them all the information to make an informed decision?
“Finally, this biological information about the fetus is at least as relevant to the patient’s decision to have an abortion as the gestational age of the fetus, which was deemed to be relevant in Casey. See 505 U.S. at 882. As a result, Planned Parenthood cannot meet even the less rigorous requirement to show a fair chance of prevailing, much less the more rigorous requirement applicable here to show that it is likely to prevail, on the merits of its claim that the disclosure required by § 7(1)(b) is untruthful, misleading or not relevant to the decision to have an abortion.” (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, No. 05-3093, pg.19)
Listen folks, it’s because Planned Parenthood is a business and makes a ton of money from selling death. This 501(c)(3) non-profit makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the killing of innocent babies. The bloodshed must end. It’s unjust gain.

Either we will cooperate with the Lord in ending it, or He will do it for us. Make no mistake.

Thank God for the Bound4LIFE South Dakota team that has maintained an ongoing prayer siege at this clinic for two years. I believe they are in the early stages of reaping what they have sown in sacrifice.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Haven’t made the satellite photo yet...yet

Look up Washington DC on Google Earth and click the option to show stock photos. You’ll find some nice shots of all your favorite DC monuments, but more importantly you’ll find a shot of “The Wall” in front of the Supreme Court.

It’s great to see a photo of Bound4LIFE among the collection of tourist images in the nation’s capitol. Labeled simply with the caption “LIFE.” Yep, that pretty much says it all.

Check the previous post “What if?” for a great anecdote about becoming a statue.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Flower Girl–Not Flower Child

Gracie looks like a princess today while Sam looks on. She's the flower girl for Kim's brother's wedding. She's very excited about dressing up for real this time. The outfit just wasn't complete without the tiara. She is disappointed however that this getup doesn't include her patented cowgirl boots.

Exit Row --->

In the likely event that no meaningful blog posts appear please refer to the Twitter column to your right.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Oh, the Places You'll Go

Pre-dawn coffee in Indianapolis, IN.
Breakfast in Charlotte, NC.
Lunch in Boston, MA.
Dinner in Salem, NH.
Today, Kim and I are the jet setters.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Always a Crowd Pleaser

Word of advice: Nobody calls Buzz Aldrin a coward. He’s choked bigger men than you. So take your “moon naysaying” elsewhere.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Intercessory Hat-Trick

“Many things are possible for the person who has hope. Even more is possible for the person who has faith. Still more is possible for the person who knows how to love. But everything is possible for the person who practices all three virtues.”
-Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God

At the end of the day these three remain: faith, hope and love. I’ve been pouring over Brother Lawrence’s wonderful little book for the last few days. It’s so easy to find yourself in the place of a “goal oriented” life. The beauty is that He is the goal. He is the end. It doesn’t matter what you do with your day, whether you’re washing dishes or tearing down demonic strongholds, the overriding aim is intimacy with Him–to commune with the Lord. He has made faith, hope and love our means to that end.
Faith pleases God. (He 11:6)
Hope does not disappoint. (Rm 5:5)
Love never fails. (1Co 13:8)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Portable Megaphones

This made me really appreciate the amazing technological development of portable megaphones.

Mark Rudd (center) is no worse for wear in this 1968 protest at Columbia University, but what about his friend on the right with the sweet afro and goatee? That thing just looks... heavy man.

When Is a Person a Person?

This is pulled directly from the ruling of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, No. 05-3093.

In its opposition to the motion for preliminary injunction, the State introduced portions of the Act’s legislative history1 and several affidavits. The legislative history includes testimony from several women who had obtained abortions in South Dakota and felt their decisions would have been better informed if they had received from their abortion providers the information required by § 7. In addition, the legislative history includes testimony from experts such as Marie Peeters-Ney, M.D., a physician and geneticist, explaining the scientific basis for the disclosure required by § 7(1)(b) that “the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being.” Dr. Peeters-Ney testified that use of the term “human being” was accurate because:
Becoming a member of our species is conferred immediately upon conception. At the moment of conception a human being with 46 chromosomes comes into existence. These chromosomes, the organization, the chromosomal pattern is specifically human. The RNA, the messenger protein, the proteins are distinctly human proteins. So this new human being is a member of our species, and humanity is not acquired sometime along the path, it occurs right at conception.
Senate State Affairs Comm. Hearing at 25. Dr. Peeters-Ney also stated that an embryo or fetus is whole in the sense that “[a]ll the genetic information sufficient and necessary to mature, and the information that is needed for this human being’s entire life is present at the time of conception”; that it is “separate from the mother” because “[t]he genetic program is totally complete and this human being will mature according to his or her own program”; and that it is unique because it has “a totally unique genetic code.” (pg. 6)
The State’s evidence suggests that the biological sense in which the embryo or fetus is whole, separate, unique and living should be clear in context to a physician, cf. Gonzales, 127 S. Ct. at 1627 (“[B]y common understanding and scientific terminology, a fetus is a living organism while within the womb, whether or not it is viable outside the womb.”), and Planned Parenthood submitted no evidence to oppose that conclusion. (pg. 19)
Finally, this biological information about the fetus is at least as relevant to the patient’s decision to have an abortion as the gestational age of the fetus, which was deemed to be relevant in Casey. See 505 U.S. at 882. As a result, Planned Parenthood cannot meet even the less rigorous requirement to show a fair chance of prevailing, much less the more rigorous requirement applicable here to show that it is likely to prevail, on the merits of its claim that the disclosure required by § 7(1)(b) is untruthful, misleading or not relevant to the decision to have an abortion. (pg.19)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bluff is Called

My head’s still spinning this morning. I could rewrite the whole synopsis, but you can just read it here. For 40 years the abortion industry has capitalized on nobody seriously questioning when life begins. This is the major presupposition of Roe v. Wade. Now that’s changing in the most meaningful way. The 8th Circuit Court yesterday ruled overwhelmingly (7-4) in favor of SD’s informed consent laying a bedrock foundation for arguing “personhood”–acknowledging that life begins at conception. We must understand that Planned Parenthood was bluffing all along. They’ve got nothing. The Court noted that Planned Parenthood “submitted no evidence” to the contrary. This is no longer to be excused as a theological or philosophical debate. The science is there.

This makes the Colorado Personhood Amendment very important this November. Not only will South Dakota be voting on restricting abortion from being used as birth control, but Colorado will also be voting on defining life as beginning at conception. Many thanks to the brilliant campaigns in those states that mobilized overwhelmingly successful signature campaigns to make all that possible. Vote Yes for Life and Colorado for Equal Rights.

Also, thank you Tony Perkins for this brilliant little piece. CALL THE BLUFF!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I’m calling dibs on this one now. Oh, the possibilities are endless.
Crunch vote to rule on Internet domain name big bang

fyi- I will be moderating all wisecrack comments out of existence. It’s my domain name, and I’ll do with it whatever I please.

What if?

What if... the High Court actually changed now unexpectedly? That would sure though a wrench in things wouldn’t it? Campaign talking points like “Judicial Nominees” would not be sidelined at all. Not to mention that an empty seat would bring a lot more immediate focus to Bush.

Here’s an article in the current issue of Newsweek.

Some good thoughts, but I cannot rest until the Court lives up to the four words etched in the stone edifice. “Equal Justice Under Law” must encompass the most marginalized, disenfranchised people group among us–the preborn.

On a side note something amusing is taking place in front of the Court this summer. Tour guides are pausing behind our teams to briefly talk about the exterior features of the building. “The statue on the right is called ‘Authority of Law.’ The one on the left is called ‘Contemplation of Justice.’ And these people standing with red tape are praying for the rights of the unborn.” C’mon! We’ve made “statue status.” Guess we’ve been standing in the same spot long enough.

One of our young ladies was praying in front of the Court the other morning at about 5 AM and had the thought, “I wonder if one of the capitol police has something to say to me.” Five minutes later one of the Court’s officers came and tapped her on the shoulder. He said, “There has been increased interest in your cause and what you’re doing. And I think there is a great benefit coming to your cause.” Messenger of the Lord? Perhaps.

Click here to read the email blast that went out to our database yesterday.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shameless photo post

Yes, she’s getting big. Yes, she’s absolutely gorgeous. Yes, I’m completely wrapped around the little finger of the hand you can’t see.

“Ask of me and I’ll give you what ever you want.”

Back Home Again

Well, we’re back home again after a good stint in DC. In our absence, the heat has not been kind to the yard or Kim’s not-a-garden*. My head has been spinning for the last couple days trying to settle back into a normal routine. The schedule in DC was different and made for long days. The prayer Rumbles were amazing though–the kind you leave feeling like you really got something done.

Amy Hofer was there with us too for a week. It was great to have our staff-at-large with us, and she is definitely spirit... not physically.  ; )

Please pray for us. I believe that city is our mission. We’ve begun to seriously talk about a move back there. It only makes sense for Bound4LIFE to be based on Capitol Hill.

We’ll be back on the road next week for a couple of weddings. Kim’s younger brother in Indiana and our dear friend Bethany Yeo in Boston.

*A “not-a-garden” is a series of pots filled with everything you normally plant in a regular garden but can’t because you live in a covenant-controlled community that doesn’t allow gardens and is generally governed by dumb-headed people. So there.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At Caribou...again

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like Caribou Coffee and all their tasty concoctions. Quite the contrary. But nearly two weeks without internet is beginning to grate on me. You see, we’re currently residing in a big house just outside the District leading and fueling the JHOP and Rizpah Company–a 24/7 Silent Siege of the Supreme Court that’s been going on since April 28th. That’s on top of a daily stand that’s been going on since October of 2004 (shameless plug).

This house we’re renting is new. Like brand new. The dilemma seems to be that when you call up the local provider and say, “Hey! How ’bout some of them internets?” they say, “We got those! Let us put you in the system for an install.” They hang up the phone, and type in the address which doesn’t show up. So then that guy figures it must have been a mistake and decides he’s late for lunch anyway. Budget a couple days worth of Caribou Coffee and free wifi in the meantime. Twiddle thumbs. Look at watch, look out the window for serviceman, look at watch, look out the window, etc.

When nobody ever shows, you place another phone call to the local provider to say, “What gives?” When no record of the previous scheduling shows in the system, they’re more than happy to make a new one. Hang up the phone, type in the home address, it doesn’t show, they assume it must be another mistake and, dang, late for lunch again.

Repeat this no less than five times and buy stock in Caribou Coffee.

The schedule is one which doesn’t work if I go downtown early in the morning. Yet that’s exactly what I decided to do yesterday to use our own wifi at the JHOP and try to get a little work done. Scratch that; it wasn’t working. The smell of Cosi Bread and free wifi down the street was irresistible at that point, however their’s was out of commission too. I don’t want to succumb to the Capitol Hill atmosphere, but this is starting to feel like a conspiracy. I’m starting to look for mysterious panel vans parked near me full of high tech equipment and agents dressed as flower delivery men.

Do you ever have the irrational feeling that you’re being...shhhh...surveilled?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Keepin' God in America. Right On."

This is my friend Rodger. Rodger has a beard and tattoos–an exceptional beard I might add and a lot of tattoos. Rodger is like 6 foot 2. It takes about four seconds to love him and realize he’s pretty much the nicest person you’ll ever meet. But if you just look at him, you might think he wants to hurt you...right now...right where you stand. The truth is he’s a pillar of the YWAM team based in DC that’s contending daily in prayer in front of the Supreme Court with us. This guy is a rock and a forerunner for his generation. He is the hope for America.

That’s what makes the following exchange all the more amusing to me.

Rodger was standing on the street corner yesterday outside JHOP. He bought a Snickers ice cream bar from a street vender and peeled back the wrapper. As he took a bite he looked beside him to see Newt Gingrich. With a mouth full of Snickers he muffled out, “Keepin’ God in America...right on!” Newt looked at him and said, “That’s right,” then introduced himself. Rodger politely just smiled a chocolate smile and walked away having never mentioned who he was and what he does. Networking mongers need not read this.

I briefly entertained an imaginary scenario where Newt went to his home cell group later and asked his friends to please pray for a poor lost youth he met on the sidewalk that day.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Newsflash: Gas is Expensive

My friend Rodger in DC sent this picture to me this morning. In this case, we must quite literally count the cost of our intercession.

Please pray that the cost of gas and the state of the economy will have the opposite effect on minds so that donors will give more for the cause.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The picture that doesn't say a thousand words

Ha! This shot turned up on a personal website of someone that was at The Mercy Seat event on April 26th in DC. That’s us sitting in the JHOP.

What you don’t see is the wall-to-wall packed room of people mostly sitting on the floor. What you don’t know is that it was about four hours of prayer, speaking and intercession, and I hadn’t spoken yet. What you can’t feel is that it was waaaay to warm in there, and everyone was pretty much done before I ever said a word.

; )

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whacha Gonna Do?

Sorry for the lack of well thought out content lately. But this just had to go up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Got up Saturday morning and Kim said, “Let’s go to the beach.”

So we did.

And it was fun.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Shout for Creativity

If you haven’t seen this video, change that now.

Then read the interview with the 23-year-old stud that created it. Makes me miss my agency days.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who’s who in Colorado

Yesterday was the deadline for the signature campaign in Colorado. Many of you know that this has been near and dear to my heart because of what the Lord spoke to me in March. To be very honest this last week had been somewhat discouraging due to the fact that participation seemed to be low.

The incredible news is that in the final hours of the campaign a flood of signatures unexpectedly came in. The required amount set for the population of the state is 76,047 signatures to bring an initiative to vote. Yesterday the Personhood 08 campaign turned in 131,243 signatures. I've had the privilege to meet with and get to know the founder Kristi Burton, her family, and Keith Mason the grass roots director. Please continue to cover these individuals in prayer. I believe God is raising up deliverers right now and we must recognize them.

Pending the approval of Colorado's Secretary of State, two states are now moving forward with radically different strategies aimed at protecting the preborn. South Dakota's signature campaign was recently approved and, if passed, will restrict abortion from being used as birth control with exceptions for rape, incest and the life-threatening health of the mother. Colorado's initiative is a single sentence amendment to the state's constitution defining the term "person" as beginning at fertilization.

Why did the film Amazing Grace come out when it did chronicling William Wilberforce's long struggle to end the slave trade? Why did Horton Hears A Who get released in March asking us the question, “When is a person a person?” I believe God is trumpeting the message of life loud and clear. There is great momentum right now and cause for great hope.

Now what? Both of these campaigns need financial support to effectively create the marketing needed to communicate these initiatives to the public. Please help support these critical measures.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 05, 2008

Behold–The Lemonade Wagon

So Fisher got this idea on the way to Washington a couple weeks ago to start a lemonade stand. Daily he would come to me with thoughts of how “totally awesome” it was going to be (he’s a child of a child of the 80’s). Mostly he just dwelled on how awesome it was going to be to make money...lots of it. Honestly, I was supportive when it came up, but I didn’t really think he’d follow through with it. Then Saturday he arose early. I’m sorry to say that I was a little less than supportive that day, but he would not relent.

Then we went to church yesterday, and Lance Wallnau was the guest speaker. Suffice it say that it had a lot to do with radically advancing God’s kingdom in every sphere of society including business. I felt a little convicted (for a number of reasons but that’s a different post). After church I had a very serious talk with Fish. Below is the portion where the light bulb flickered above Fisher’s head.

Dad: So what do you want to do about this lemonade stand?
Fisher: I wanna build it out at the street and sell to everybody in the neighborhood.
Dad: But we live on a cul-de-sack.
Fisher: What’s a cul-de-sack?

-fast forward-

Dad: ...that’s why nobody likes our next door neighbor, and no one will come down here to buy your lemonade.
Fisher: [thoughtful pause] I need to take the lemonade to where they are!

Ding Ding Ding There it is. Fisher took a long hard look at the supply and demand of lemonade in the Balmoral market. He had always been a “bricks and mortar” kinda guy, but a quick market analysis uncovered the need for a more nimble approach. The Lemonade Wagon made its maiden voyage yesterday during the hottest part of the day. He scoped out every parched person in the great outdoors as he circled the neighborhood like a bicycling shark. When he returned 45 minutes later, he had only two ounces of lemonade left in his pitcher, 11 straws left in the box and nine dollars now bulging out his pocket.

Taylor: You made how much in 45 minutes?

Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Week and a Half in the Beltway

 The Mercy Seat 4/26
6,200 Bound4LIFEers gathered at all 51 supreme courts in the nation at the same time. Seven hours of prayer for mercy.

 Rizpah Company 4/28–8/15
Day and night Bound4LIFE vigil in front of the Supreme Court based on 2 Samuel 21. I took the first watch.

 Evening Prayer Rumbles 4/25–
Aaagh, I really miss this.
(Small room + Lots of people + Rough music + Desperation) x Holy Spirit = Hope

 Speak at the VAT Meeting 4/29
Invitation from Senator Brownback to speak at the Value Action Team meeting in the Russell Senate Office Building.

 Jefferson Memorial 4/26 PM
Finally got over there. Beautiful.

 Meet James Dobson 4/30
Pretty cool. He's taller than you'd expect.

Meet David Barton 4/30
Very very cool.

 Look for a new place to live 4/28
Uh...yeah. Hopeful. Please pray–the District isn’t very accomodating for missionaries.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You're gonna be seeing “sack” as a line item on the city budget.

This is Mayor Larry Langford of Birmingham, AL. I love this.

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Monday, April 14, 2008


Thank you Sarah Cook for showing me the coolest thing I’ve ever seen*.

* This week.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bound-the number four-Colorado

Don't have much time for details now. I leave for Colorado tomorrow morning. I'll be making an attempt to follow through with what I think God is saying right now. See previous post "A Little Bit of Swirl."

Please pray for my meetings and the good work going on in the state. You can read about the effort at Colorado for Equal Rights.

There are now over 4,000 people registered for the event Bound4LIFE is doing on April 26. Pretty stoked about The Mercy Seat.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I-85 Charlotte to Montgomery

We spent about 7 1/2 hours in the van today driving to Montgomery. I have the whole family and team with me. We're sad that Katie isn't able to join us. She's decided to stay home with her family for a while. Please continue to pray for the Cranes.
TheCall Alabama is Saturday, and Bound4LIFE will be representin'. We just checked into our hotel room and the kids are overjoyed by the novelty of Cartoon Network. Can't you tell by the blank stares on their faces?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Drawing from real life

Exactly why did I go to art school, and how long did it take me to pay off my student loans?

This is as personally depressing to me as it is amazing.

A Hard Weekend

The family and team were in Virginia Beach this weekend to remember our friend Amy. Just got home at about 3 AM, so everyone's pretty tired this morning. What an incredibly hard time this has been. Amy was a beautiful young lady. We may never know what circumstances coincided to overwhelm her. Below is a memorial video that was played at her service on Saturday.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little bit of swirl

About a week and half ago I was in the house of prayer and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Go to Denver before April 26th.” I haven't been thinking about Denver at all, so this surprised me a bit. But hey, obedience is better than sacrifice, right? So I prepared plans for a trip at my next opening which turned out to be April 11-13. I haven't known what all is in store for this trip, so I have been trying to set up some meetings and appointments with Bound4LIFE chapter leaders and others in that area.

I contacted a friend in Denver about possibly coming out there. She said she had been praying specifically that God would bring me before May. Hmmmm.

Then on Tuesday I received a startling email. It was from a 20-year old young lady named Kristi Burton. I've been a little aware of her. She's the spearhead of a "human life amendment" ballot initiative in Colorado. But I don't know her, and I've never spoken to her. I've only known of her through the media as we've followed coverage. Kristi's email asked for help in Colorado with their signature campaign for the 08 ballot.

This comes on the heels of my recent trip a few weeks ago to South Dakota where I blitzed the entire state to speak to pastors about the signature campaign for their 08 ballot initiative. While there I went to twelve cites in five days meeting with nearly 200 pastors. Prior to the "Urgency Tour" the signature gathering was falling behind expectations, and there was a real danger that enough valid signatures wouldn't be gathered in time for the the 4/1 deadline. The result after that trip was a swell in church participation. I spoke to a friend processing the signature a couple of days ago, and they said that they were about half way through and already at the necessary number to put the abortion initiative on the 08 ballot.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Kristi's favor at the end of last year saying that she could move forward with a signature petition to put the human life amendment on the 08 ballot for voters to decide.

Please pray with me and for me. I still have no idea what all God wants to do, but I'm going to Denver. The deadline for Kristi to turn in her signatures to the Secretary of State is May 13th. They need (I think) about 76,000 signatures. I excited to be see how Bound4LIFE can be involved in these pivotal pieces of public policy. Please pray for Kristi as she is a forerunner for an entire generation of deliverers.

From what I can see, Kristi is a remarkable young person. She first received a mandate from the Lord to be a deliverer for the unborn at the ripe old age of 13. C'mon! I recently wrote that "When God is raising up deliverers, then it can mean only one thing. He intends to act!"

You can read about Kristi's story and the initiative in Colorado in these articles: