Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You're gonna be seeing “sack” as a line item on the city budget.

This is Mayor Larry Langford of Birmingham, AL. I love this.

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Michael Ledlow said...

I attended this prayer meeting - it was awesome! When we walked in we were greeted by white and black pastors from across the city who were handing out the burlap sacks and dabbing people's foreheads with ash. Meanwhile, they were blasting James Earl Jones reading the book of Revelation from the speakers.

The Mayor led us in repentance and prayer. He had pastors from all over the city come forward and dump pots of ashes onto a table as a sign of placing the results of our sin before the Lord.

I truly believe this event was direct answer to prayers from The Call Alabama. It's unprecedented in our city. Abraham Woods, one of the last Civil Rights leaders, and a spiritual father to Martin Luther King Jr spoke at the end and told us this has never happened in Birmingham and that it was "revolutionary!" The leader of our city has opened a door for God to come in. We are amazed and expectant of good things to come!