Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Week and a Half in the Beltway

 The Mercy Seat 4/26
6,200 Bound4LIFEers gathered at all 51 supreme courts in the nation at the same time. Seven hours of prayer for mercy.

 Rizpah Company 4/28–8/15
Day and night Bound4LIFE vigil in front of the Supreme Court based on 2 Samuel 21. I took the first watch.

 Evening Prayer Rumbles 4/25–
Aaagh, I really miss this.
(Small room + Lots of people + Rough music + Desperation) x Holy Spirit = Hope

 Speak at the VAT Meeting 4/29
Invitation from Senator Brownback to speak at the Value Action Team meeting in the Russell Senate Office Building.

 Jefferson Memorial 4/26 PM
Finally got over there. Beautiful.

 Meet James Dobson 4/30
Pretty cool. He's taller than you'd expect.

Meet David Barton 4/30
Very very cool.

 Look for a new place to live 4/28
Uh...yeah. Hopeful. Please pray–the District isn’t very accomodating for missionaries.

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Rhonda said...

check: intimidate capitol police with beard and calves.