Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I've Got a Bracelet Too!"

What a weird moment in the presidential debate last night when McCain told about his bracelet and Obama quickly fired back, “I got a bracelet too!” We were watching the debate and praying in JHOP last night. I looked around the prayer room, and everyone had such a weird look on their face when Obama said that. I knew everyone was thinking the exact same thing–“Well mister, I got a bracelet too.”

Since October 2004, we’ve mobilized about 325,000 people to wear the Life Band and make the solemn commitment to PRAY, VOTE & OBEY. Pray daily for the ending of abortion; Vote for pro-life candidates; Obey God as He leads in acts of compassion and justice. 325K isn’t massive, but it’s nothing to excuse either. I believe God is gripping His Church like never before to take a stand for life. Young and old, Catholic and Protestant, male and female.

I’m noticing on blogs today pointing out that Obama had to stumble uh, uh, uh and read the name on the bracelet to remember what it’s actually for. That gaffe is of course NOT getting picked up by the media. Had it been Sarah Palin, we’d n-e-v-e-r hear the end of it.

Rest assured, I will not be forgetting what my bracelet stands for on November 4th.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Open Season

"Open Season" has been declared on Joe Biden, and he has promptly lost Obama the Catholic vote.

Many questionable politicians say that their personal faith shouldn't be a factor for public office. If you're going to hold to that position, then you shouldn't use your public office to spout off inaccuracies about Church doctrine. Congratulations go to Joe Biden for getting himself excommunicated over grossly incorrect statements about abortion and when life begins.

This guy's been nothing but a anchor weight since he was selected.

This is unsubstantiated, but I feel compelled to regurgitate it here. There's a blog rumor running around that Biden will step down from the VP slot for "health reasons" after the VP debate next week. The rumor goes on to say that Obama will select Hillary to replace him. Everyone thinks he's kicking himself for not doing that to begin with. The blogs are trying to "out" this rumor just in case it really goes down.

DC and lovin' it

I've been in DC for a couple of days now. I was just here a few weeks ago for TheCallDC, but oh how I love this city. I'll be here until a few days after the elections on November 4th–a nice long stay.

I'm still in that awkward place of wandering in search of internet access–sitting in a cool little coffee shop close to Union Station right now called Ebenezzars sipping an iced vanilla latte. I'm still thrilled with my iPhone and the 3G connection which has saved me for the last few days. The Safari web browser doesn't play Flash media though, and pretty much everything I'm working with right now is Flash based.

My team and I are still trying to work out the kinks with our LIVE system. Currently frustrated with the Backjack II we bought for mobile broadcasting. Seems that Samsung decided to add GPS to the model we have but SUBTRACTED wifi connection ability. The previous model had wifi, and we didn't notice the change before we made the purchase. That means all of our live video feeds will be limited to 3G speeds making them pretty choppy. Not happy at all about that.

Most of the video feeds will be from in front of the Supreme Court, and the promenade there is a free hotspot. The plan was all coming together until... Take nothing for granted; always read the small print.

The content is just in the early stages right now, but it will ramp up next Wednesday, September 24. You can be in the loop at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Words Escape Me


Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Nuff Said?

A few days ago former NYC mayor Ed Koch made this statement:

“I predict that the outcome of the presidential election will depend not on the economy, not on the Iraq war, not on the price of gasoline or the issue of national health insurance, but on the issue of the right to abortion.”
For two years I have prayed intently (along with many others), “God drive abortion like a wedge into the 2008 Elections.” I believe TheCall in DC coinciding with the Saddleback Civil Forum was the turning point. The “issue” of abortion that so many have tried to push down in priority and dismiss as an old topic suddenly rose through the murky waters and became visible again. August 16 marked the day that the current of the campaign waters shifted quite unexpectedly. McCain’s selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate seems to have sealed the deal that abortion, LIFE and the sanctity of human life will be at the forefront.

I can’t think of a more clear direct answer to prayer.

Don’t get me wrong; this is not some run-of-the-mill party politics. If it’s easy for you to discount any discussion on the topic, then you’ve grossly misunderstood the motivations that are driving this movement. I am for whomever will stand on the side of the pre-born. I will support the one who stands on the side of the innocent. If that’s a Democrat, then so be it. If that’s a Republican, then so be it. It happens to be the case this time around that Barack Obama has voted multiple times to block the protection of babies born alive as a result of abortion. Get out all your lipstick for this one, but it’s still INFANTICIDE. Regardless of all other policies, ideas and smooth speeches, I cannot stand with this man. The man that devalues human life and the innocent to this extent cannot be trusted. Moreover, the door of the White House cannot be opened to that kind of spiritual leadership.

That’s right, I said “spiritual leadership.” In our blessed democracy, the office of President is so much more than just a civil position.

The race gets really ugly from here on out. Obama’s so-called higher ground tactics are about to take a stroll through the mud and slop. It’s already well underway. All hell is raging against Palin. Everyone underestimated the galvanizing effect she would have on the social conservatives. Obama seriously miscalculated how the race would change. And he’s really kicking himself for picking Biden the anchorweight.

I will not be courted by a polite and puny plank in your platform. Don’t insult me with your feeble attempt to make me feel “comfortable.” I don't want to feel comfortable. There’s too much at stake. I don’t care what the Republicans, Democrats, pundits, commentators or Matt Damon are saying right now. I only care about what God is saying right now.

This isn’t about imposing my religious beliefs on someone else–arguing “If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one.” No, this is a justice issue. It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing. It’s never the wrong time to demand justice.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

She missed

Well, Hurricane Hanna was supposed to pummel us, but those of us a couple hours inland escaped with only a light drizzle last night. Early projections had the eye of the storm coming all the way in to Fort Mill, SC and then taking a sharp right turn up the coast. The storm broke early though and is now dumping loads of rain on it's way north.

I'll be honest; we could have used the rain. But I'm sitting here in my front room right now looking out the window at little peeks of blue sky. We planned for a wet Saturday. Time for Plan B.

Friday, September 05, 2008


Can anyone say “virtual flashpoint”?

Be watching on October 6th. That's the opening day of the Supreme Court. Sure to be a circus this year.
Twitter @Bound4LIFE, @mattlockett
I’m launching a portal that will capture content during the 40-day fast before the 08 Elections. It will funnel Twitter (realtime micro blogging), Qik (live mobile video streaming), 12seconds (micro video), UStream (live webstreaming), Flickr (including mobile uploads) and an RSS feed of blog entries.

Everyone on my core team will be actively creating content in each of these areas-all filtering into one convenient location. Watch for it’s launch in the next few days at Bound4LIFE.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

In case of fire, break this sign

OK, I'm pretty good with directions. And I love maps and diagrams. This emergency diagram caught my attention though. Perhaps the fire marshall is satisfied with this in the sense that it probably meets code. But, c’mon, this is completely ridiculous. Is this really supposed to help save my life as I’m being overcome by smoke and flame?