Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I've Got a Bracelet Too!"

What a weird moment in the presidential debate last night when McCain told about his bracelet and Obama quickly fired back, “I got a bracelet too!” We were watching the debate and praying in JHOP last night. I looked around the prayer room, and everyone had such a weird look on their face when Obama said that. I knew everyone was thinking the exact same thing–“Well mister, I got a bracelet too.”

Since October 2004, we’ve mobilized about 325,000 people to wear the Life Band and make the solemn commitment to PRAY, VOTE & OBEY. Pray daily for the ending of abortion; Vote for pro-life candidates; Obey God as He leads in acts of compassion and justice. 325K isn’t massive, but it’s nothing to excuse either. I believe God is gripping His Church like never before to take a stand for life. Young and old, Catholic and Protestant, male and female.

I’m noticing on blogs today pointing out that Obama had to stumble uh, uh, uh and read the name on the bracelet to remember what it’s actually for. That gaffe is of course NOT getting picked up by the media. Had it been Sarah Palin, we’d n-e-v-e-r hear the end of it.

Rest assured, I will not be forgetting what my bracelet stands for on November 4th.

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Cathy said...
Palin talks about Obama and babies who survive abortion.