Friday, September 19, 2008

Open Season

"Open Season" has been declared on Joe Biden, and he has promptly lost Obama the Catholic vote.

Many questionable politicians say that their personal faith shouldn't be a factor for public office. If you're going to hold to that position, then you shouldn't use your public office to spout off inaccuracies about Church doctrine. Congratulations go to Joe Biden for getting himself excommunicated over grossly incorrect statements about abortion and when life begins.

This guy's been nothing but a anchor weight since he was selected.

This is unsubstantiated, but I feel compelled to regurgitate it here. There's a blog rumor running around that Biden will step down from the VP slot for "health reasons" after the VP debate next week. The rumor goes on to say that Obama will select Hillary to replace him. Everyone thinks he's kicking himself for not doing that to begin with. The blogs are trying to "out" this rumor just in case it really goes down.


Matt Lockett said...

No "Anonymous" comments will ever be published. :)

Joel Stephan said...

Picking Joe Biden for VP was a horrendous choice for Obama. Good for us though ;) I have to wonder if our prayers helped guide Obama to this dead end of a candidate.

Didn't Biden even make remarks about how Obama should have chose Hillary and not him?

Bless you Matt.