Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winner Takes All

Please join in prayer with the Christians of Florida. It’s their Presidential Primary today, and it’s "winner takes all.” Florida has 57 delegates and they will not be divided among the top candidates. That’s 5% of the total needed to win the nomination. There’s no red ribbon today. Second place gets you zilch. Expect prominent faces to drop out after this contest.

Please pray that the Christians of Florida will anoint a Godly king. Pray that a pro-life candidate emerges as the winner today. Pray that we get a champion for the unborn in the White House.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Land of the Lakota

I’m sitting here in Charlotte waiting to fly to Sioux Falls, SD. Bound4LIFE chapter leaders from five surrounding states are gathering there today to make plans for the Midwest. I love it! It doesn't get any better than this. I was supposed to be in L.A. today, but God rearranged my schedule so that I could be up there. The temperature in Charlotte has dropped in the last few days, and I hear that South Dakota is having a heat wave today. So they should feel about the same.

I met with Senator Brownback in DC on Tuesday. After several years of effort he said that he had the Native American Apology Bill hitting the Senate floor that day. This truly is amazing. He said the debate process will begin, and he hopes to finally get it to a vote. Sam worked with some of our Native American friends to bring this initiative before the Legislature. This would bring significant healing between the U.S. government and the First Nation’s people concerning the hundreds* of broken covenants that have not been forgotten.

–Special prayer for my friends Gabe & Vi Medicine Eagle, Jay Swallow and Nigel Big Pond. I know how important this is to you to see healing of the nation.

Photo: Gabe Medicine Eagle and I at a tent gathering in Sioux Falls September 2006. Gabe blessed Bound4LIFE and transferred authority to accomplish our work in South Dakota.

C’mon! The new National Treasure movie [ATTENTION SPOILERS!] featured a massive treasure of gold belonging to the Lakota that was discovered under the Black Hills. That treasure became a blessing to the entire nation in the present day. Could be prophetic. Even the name is prophetic.

* I cannot recall right now the exact number of broken treaties, but I think it's like near 500. This is inexcusable, but I hope forgiveable. If anyone knows the exact number, please leave a comment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What do Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Amabile have in common?

Well, not much at all except that they’re competing for the title “Most Photographed Teenager in America.” (and Lindsay isn’t even a teenager anymore.)

Go Brooke!
(photo taken 1/22/08, Washington, DC)

In DC for Two Days and a Surprise

I just got home this morning after driving all night. I was in DC since Monday with my team. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. It was a solemn day; certainly not a day for celebration. But it was energizing and exciting to be in the middle of tens of thousands gathering there to make a public declaration to protect the unborn. It’s exciting to me to see the many facets of the pro-life movement. I believe the abortion stronghold in the nation is being assaulted on every side. This is encouraging.

Bound4LIFE was there doin’ what we do. With 50 intercessors on “the wall” in front of the Court Lou filmed a one-hour program with GOD TV there speaking on the shedding of innocent blood and the Bound4LIFE prayer movement. This aired all over the world. “Thank you GOD TV!”

Now on to the Surprise. My trip to L.A. to meet with Eduardo has been cancelled. The great news is that the Bella guys were in DC, so we met last night from 11 PM to 2 AM. We all felt really connected. Thank you to everyone out there that prayed for this meeting. It could not have gone better, and we all felt like there was a supernatural connection that we can’t ignore. We’re praying for each other and for direction on what to do.

So get this. We were discussing what had brought each of us there, and I told them my dream (see previous post). I watched as their chins dropped, and Leo the producer interupted me.
Leo: “Do you know the name of our company?”
Me: “Yes, ‘Metanoia.’”
Leo: “Do you know what the word means?”
Me: “‘Repentance,’ right?”
Leo: “Yes. But it also has a scientific definition. It literally means ‘out of darkness and into light.’ That's the reason we chose it.”
Me/Lou: *Whump* – the sound of us falling out of our chairs.

Did you catch that? It’s the dream. So much for late pizza theory.

My sense was that this meeting was one of the most profound and divine connections in my life. It just kinda had that feeling while I was sitting there with these gentlemen. I’ve had a handful of those kinds of meetings before, and I know what they smell like.

We discussed prayer, Bella, saving babies and adoption. But more importantly we talked about changing culture and society. What if California became a pro-life state?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little private...but in need of prayer

The following is a dream that I had October 25, 2006.

10/25/06 (Wednesday) It was completely black except for a spotlight area in front of me. A Latino man stepped from the darkness into the light and said in a Spanish accent, “Matt, you’re being summoned to California.” Then he stepped backwards back into the darkness.
I believe this is a dream from the Lord, and so for over a year now I have steadily prayed into this dream. I have prayed for understanding, discernment and timing. I has felt like nothing less than a Macedonian Man call.

And so in an interesting twist one of my former staff is now working full time for Metanoia Films. That’s the production company responsible for the amazing film “Bella” that has startled Hollywood and the nation. On January 25 Lou Engle and I are meeting with Eduardo Verastegui, the star of the film, and Leo Severino, the producer, in L.A. I’m asking the Lord this question–Is Eduardo the man from my dream? The dream was very distinct in that the Latino man stepped into the spotlight. I had not thought of it this way for the last year, but that is usually how you describe an actor that has found success; they “step into the spotlight.”

Well, I’m sure there are plenty of readers out there that will think I’m nuts for thinking this way. I’m sure plenty will laugh thinking I ate pizza too late in the evening on October 24. But I’m hoping there are also plenty out there that will take this as serious as I do and pray for the will of the Lord to be released. Please pray for this meeting, me, Eduardo, Leo, Lou and the Latino community. Pray for God to raise up leaders from the Latino community to turn America back to God, morality and family.

Furthermore, a month after I had that dream the Washington Post published this article on 11/30/06. What’s interesting is that I never saw the article. It’s almost like God kept it from me because how else do you end up on the front page of the Post and not know about it? This was just given to me a few weeks ago which has served to bring confirmation and validity to my prayers of the last year. It has also served as a signpost for timing by being injected into this current moment. C’mon!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Guitar Hero

Not sure if she’s yet mastered “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Not sure if I actually want her to either.

For those of you who aren’t savvy to this teen sensation sweeping the nation and completely wreaking college careers...

Special thanks to Adam Lockett for his use of the gear and especially the soundproof room.

Monday, January 07, 2008

That Wasn’t a Joke

There seems to maybe be a little confusion about my previous post. Contrary to the beliefs of some Kansas City residents, I was not being facetious or even a little bit cynical. I don’t want to mention any names but their initials are “Randy Bohlender.” I just got home after having an amazing time in KC last week, and I met God while I was there.

So there. : )

Saturday, January 05, 2008