Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In DC for Two Days and a Surprise

I just got home this morning after driving all night. I was in DC since Monday with my team. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade. It was a solemn day; certainly not a day for celebration. But it was energizing and exciting to be in the middle of tens of thousands gathering there to make a public declaration to protect the unborn. It’s exciting to me to see the many facets of the pro-life movement. I believe the abortion stronghold in the nation is being assaulted on every side. This is encouraging.

Bound4LIFE was there doin’ what we do. With 50 intercessors on “the wall” in front of the Court Lou filmed a one-hour program with GOD TV there speaking on the shedding of innocent blood and the Bound4LIFE prayer movement. This aired all over the world. “Thank you GOD TV!”

Now on to the Surprise. My trip to L.A. to meet with Eduardo has been cancelled. The great news is that the Bella guys were in DC, so we met last night from 11 PM to 2 AM. We all felt really connected. Thank you to everyone out there that prayed for this meeting. It could not have gone better, and we all felt like there was a supernatural connection that we can’t ignore. We’re praying for each other and for direction on what to do.

So get this. We were discussing what had brought each of us there, and I told them my dream (see previous post). I watched as their chins dropped, and Leo the producer interupted me.
Leo: “Do you know the name of our company?”
Me: “Yes, ‘Metanoia.’”
Leo: “Do you know what the word means?”
Me: “‘Repentance,’ right?”
Leo: “Yes. But it also has a scientific definition. It literally means ‘out of darkness and into light.’ That's the reason we chose it.”
Me/Lou: *Whump* – the sound of us falling out of our chairs.

Did you catch that? It’s the dream. So much for late pizza theory.

My sense was that this meeting was one of the most profound and divine connections in my life. It just kinda had that feeling while I was sitting there with these gentlemen. I’ve had a handful of those kinds of meetings before, and I know what they smell like.

We discussed prayer, Bella, saving babies and adoption. But more importantly we talked about changing culture and society. What if California became a pro-life state?

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This is so fantastic!! Thanks for this update!