Saturday, January 26, 2008

Land of the Lakota

I’m sitting here in Charlotte waiting to fly to Sioux Falls, SD. Bound4LIFE chapter leaders from five surrounding states are gathering there today to make plans for the Midwest. I love it! It doesn't get any better than this. I was supposed to be in L.A. today, but God rearranged my schedule so that I could be up there. The temperature in Charlotte has dropped in the last few days, and I hear that South Dakota is having a heat wave today. So they should feel about the same.

I met with Senator Brownback in DC on Tuesday. After several years of effort he said that he had the Native American Apology Bill hitting the Senate floor that day. This truly is amazing. He said the debate process will begin, and he hopes to finally get it to a vote. Sam worked with some of our Native American friends to bring this initiative before the Legislature. This would bring significant healing between the U.S. government and the First Nation’s people concerning the hundreds* of broken covenants that have not been forgotten.

–Special prayer for my friends Gabe & Vi Medicine Eagle, Jay Swallow and Nigel Big Pond. I know how important this is to you to see healing of the nation.

Photo: Gabe Medicine Eagle and I at a tent gathering in Sioux Falls September 2006. Gabe blessed Bound4LIFE and transferred authority to accomplish our work in South Dakota.

C’mon! The new National Treasure movie [ATTENTION SPOILERS!] featured a massive treasure of gold belonging to the Lakota that was discovered under the Black Hills. That treasure became a blessing to the entire nation in the present day. Could be prophetic. Even the name is prophetic.

* I cannot recall right now the exact number of broken treaties, but I think it's like near 500. This is inexcusable, but I hope forgiveable. If anyone knows the exact number, please leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Matt, Renee here. I think your "Devil went down to Ga." comment is so prophetic...we are trying to get the HB-1 bill passed to ban abortion in Ga. so I think he came as we are having massive issues in the party here. I work now with the government & elections here. Pray for us!!!