Friday, September 19, 2008

DC and lovin' it

I've been in DC for a couple of days now. I was just here a few weeks ago for TheCallDC, but oh how I love this city. I'll be here until a few days after the elections on November 4th–a nice long stay.

I'm still in that awkward place of wandering in search of internet access–sitting in a cool little coffee shop close to Union Station right now called Ebenezzars sipping an iced vanilla latte. I'm still thrilled with my iPhone and the 3G connection which has saved me for the last few days. The Safari web browser doesn't play Flash media though, and pretty much everything I'm working with right now is Flash based.

My team and I are still trying to work out the kinks with our LIVE system. Currently frustrated with the Backjack II we bought for mobile broadcasting. Seems that Samsung decided to add GPS to the model we have but SUBTRACTED wifi connection ability. The previous model had wifi, and we didn't notice the change before we made the purchase. That means all of our live video feeds will be limited to 3G speeds making them pretty choppy. Not happy at all about that.

Most of the video feeds will be from in front of the Supreme Court, and the promenade there is a free hotspot. The plan was all coming together until... Take nothing for granted; always read the small print.

The content is just in the early stages right now, but it will ramp up next Wednesday, September 24. You can be in the loop at

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