Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Who’s who in Colorado

Yesterday was the deadline for the signature campaign in Colorado. Many of you know that this has been near and dear to my heart because of what the Lord spoke to me in March. To be very honest this last week had been somewhat discouraging due to the fact that participation seemed to be low.

The incredible news is that in the final hours of the campaign a flood of signatures unexpectedly came in. The required amount set for the population of the state is 76,047 signatures to bring an initiative to vote. Yesterday the Personhood 08 campaign turned in 131,243 signatures. I've had the privilege to meet with and get to know the founder Kristi Burton, her family, and Keith Mason the grass roots director. Please continue to cover these individuals in prayer. I believe God is raising up deliverers right now and we must recognize them.

Pending the approval of Colorado's Secretary of State, two states are now moving forward with radically different strategies aimed at protecting the preborn. South Dakota's signature campaign was recently approved and, if passed, will restrict abortion from being used as birth control with exceptions for rape, incest and the life-threatening health of the mother. Colorado's initiative is a single sentence amendment to the state's constitution defining the term "person" as beginning at fertilization.

Why did the film Amazing Grace come out when it did chronicling William Wilberforce's long struggle to end the slave trade? Why did Horton Hears A Who get released in March asking us the question, “When is a person a person?” I believe God is trumpeting the message of life loud and clear. There is great momentum right now and cause for great hope.

Now what? Both of these campaigns need financial support to effectively create the marketing needed to communicate these initiatives to the public. Please help support these critical measures.

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