Thursday, May 29, 2008

The picture that doesn't say a thousand words

Ha! This shot turned up on a personal website of someone that was at The Mercy Seat event on April 26th in DC. That’s us sitting in the JHOP.

What you don’t see is the wall-to-wall packed room of people mostly sitting on the floor. What you don’t know is that it was about four hours of prayer, speaking and intercession, and I hadn’t spoken yet. What you can’t feel is that it was waaaay to warm in there, and everyone was pretty much done before I ever said a word.

; )


Anonymous said...

Don't we look like a happy couple!

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Oh, the days in JHOP where even opening the windows makes you want to jump out and run for an air conditioned sanctuary. You guys rock.

Rhonda said...

What you don't smell is hot air thick with city dirt and sweat.