Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Bluff is Called

My head’s still spinning this morning. I could rewrite the whole synopsis, but you can just read it here. For 40 years the abortion industry has capitalized on nobody seriously questioning when life begins. This is the major presupposition of Roe v. Wade. Now that’s changing in the most meaningful way. The 8th Circuit Court yesterday ruled overwhelmingly (7-4) in favor of SD’s informed consent laying a bedrock foundation for arguing “personhood”–acknowledging that life begins at conception. We must understand that Planned Parenthood was bluffing all along. They’ve got nothing. The Court noted that Planned Parenthood “submitted no evidence” to the contrary. This is no longer to be excused as a theological or philosophical debate. The science is there.

This makes the Colorado Personhood Amendment very important this November. Not only will South Dakota be voting on restricting abortion from being used as birth control, but Colorado will also be voting on defining life as beginning at conception. Many thanks to the brilliant campaigns in those states that mobilized overwhelmingly successful signature campaigns to make all that possible. Vote Yes for Life and Colorado for Equal Rights.

Also, thank you Tony Perkins for this brilliant little piece. CALL THE BLUFF!

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