Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back Home Again

Well, we’re back home again after a good stint in DC. In our absence, the heat has not been kind to the yard or Kim’s not-a-garden*. My head has been spinning for the last couple days trying to settle back into a normal routine. The schedule in DC was different and made for long days. The prayer Rumbles were amazing though–the kind you leave feeling like you really got something done.

Amy Hofer was there with us too for a week. It was great to have our staff-at-large with us, and she is definitely large...in spirit... not physically.  ; )

Please pray for us. I believe that city is our mission. We’ve begun to seriously talk about a move back there. It only makes sense for Bound4LIFE to be based on Capitol Hill.

We’ll be back on the road next week for a couple of weddings. Kim’s younger brother in Indiana and our dear friend Bethany Yeo in Boston.

*A “not-a-garden” is a series of pots filled with everything you normally plant in a regular garden but can’t because you live in a covenant-controlled community that doesn’t allow gardens and is generally governed by dumb-headed people. So there.

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