Thursday, June 26, 2008

What if?

What if... the High Court actually changed now unexpectedly? That would sure though a wrench in things wouldn’t it? Campaign talking points like “Judicial Nominees” would not be sidelined at all. Not to mention that an empty seat would bring a lot more immediate focus to Bush.

Here’s an article in the current issue of Newsweek.

Some good thoughts, but I cannot rest until the Court lives up to the four words etched in the stone edifice. “Equal Justice Under Law” must encompass the most marginalized, disenfranchised people group among us–the preborn.

On a side note something amusing is taking place in front of the Court this summer. Tour guides are pausing behind our teams to briefly talk about the exterior features of the building. “The statue on the right is called ‘Authority of Law.’ The one on the left is called ‘Contemplation of Justice.’ And these people standing with red tape are praying for the rights of the unborn.” C’mon! We’ve made “statue status.” Guess we’ve been standing in the same spot long enough.

One of our young ladies was praying in front of the Court the other morning at about 5 AM and had the thought, “I wonder if one of the capitol police has something to say to me.” Five minutes later one of the Court’s officers came and tapped her on the shoulder. He said, “There has been increased interest in your cause and what you’re doing. And I think there is a great benefit coming to your cause.” Messenger of the Lord? Perhaps.

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