Thursday, March 27, 2008

A little bit of swirl

About a week and half ago I was in the house of prayer and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “Go to Denver before April 26th.” I haven't been thinking about Denver at all, so this surprised me a bit. But hey, obedience is better than sacrifice, right? So I prepared plans for a trip at my next opening which turned out to be April 11-13. I haven't known what all is in store for this trip, so I have been trying to set up some meetings and appointments with Bound4LIFE chapter leaders and others in that area.

I contacted a friend in Denver about possibly coming out there. She said she had been praying specifically that God would bring me before May. Hmmmm.

Then on Tuesday I received a startling email. It was from a 20-year old young lady named Kristi Burton. I've been a little aware of her. She's the spearhead of a "human life amendment" ballot initiative in Colorado. But I don't know her, and I've never spoken to her. I've only known of her through the media as we've followed coverage. Kristi's email asked for help in Colorado with their signature campaign for the 08 ballot.

This comes on the heels of my recent trip a few weeks ago to South Dakota where I blitzed the entire state to speak to pastors about the signature campaign for their 08 ballot initiative. While there I went to twelve cites in five days meeting with nearly 200 pastors. Prior to the "Urgency Tour" the signature gathering was falling behind expectations, and there was a real danger that enough valid signatures wouldn't be gathered in time for the the 4/1 deadline. The result after that trip was a swell in church participation. I spoke to a friend processing the signature a couple of days ago, and they said that they were about half way through and already at the necessary number to put the abortion initiative on the 08 ballot.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled unanimously in Kristi's favor at the end of last year saying that she could move forward with a signature petition to put the human life amendment on the 08 ballot for voters to decide.

Please pray with me and for me. I still have no idea what all God wants to do, but I'm going to Denver. The deadline for Kristi to turn in her signatures to the Secretary of State is May 13th. They need (I think) about 76,000 signatures. I excited to be see how Bound4LIFE can be involved in these pivotal pieces of public policy. Please pray for Kristi as she is a forerunner for an entire generation of deliverers.

From what I can see, Kristi is a remarkable young person. She first received a mandate from the Lord to be a deliverer for the unborn at the ripe old age of 13. C'mon! I recently wrote that "When God is raising up deliverers, then it can mean only one thing. He intends to act!"

You can read about Kristi's story and the initiative in Colorado in these articles:

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