Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These Doors Will Stay...(to be continued)

Yesterday marked the first official day that Planned Parenthood of South Dakota was required by law to inform a woman seeking an abortion that it ended the life of a separate unique living human being. PP had challenged the law on the basis that it infringed on the doctors freedom of speech, but the 8th Circuit Court determined and ruled overwhelmingly that it was not unlawful to require them to tell the truth. Truth? Yes, truth. The court found the genetic research presented was profoundly convincing evidence, and also stated that Planned Parenthood presented no evidence to the contrary.

So what does this mean for Planned Parenthood of South Dakota? Yesterday their defiant doors were supposed to be open for business ready to honor the law. The photo of the banner is from 2006 when they challenged an abortion ban passed by the state legislature. The Bound4LIFE South Dakota team was there early to pray yesterday. They watched as the morning appointments began to show up, but the doors never opened even though there was a sign on the door stating they planned to close early at 3 PM. Apparently they also refused media access that wanted to report on their compliance to the law.

Monday’s are typically busy days even though there are no doctors in SD that will perform abortions–the abortion doctor flies in from Minneapolis. MN has been exporting death to SD for years. The first young woman that showed up for her abortion yesterday morning was left in the parking lot confused even though there were two staff cars parked in the lot. Surprisingly she came out to the sidewalk to talk with our Bound4LIFE chapter leader to see what was going on. It was an emotional conversation as our leader pleaded with her not to take the life of her baby and make a decision she would regret. The young woman sat in her car with her boyfriend for a while crying and eventually left. Four more appointments showed up and were forced to leave as well. Clearly Planned Parenthood is demonstrating here that their utmost concern is for the well-being of the women, right? WRONG!

Of course the parking lot is the safest place to be when Planned Parenthood is concerned.

So it’s anybody’s guess what was going on yesterday. Perhaps the doctor is protesting the law by refusing to come. Maybe the lawyers are the ones holding up the doctors. Not sure, but one thing is for certain–Planned Parenthood is desperate and scrambling to hold together what shredded pieces of their facade are left. That thin veneer of prettiness is starting to look a bit tattered.

Truth will prevail. From our beginning it has been declared that we are created in the image of God. Abortion strikes at the very image of God. Why does Planned Parenthood want to suppress the truth that is being revealed through genetic science? Why do they say that women should have the ability to make their own choice but then not give them all the information to make an informed decision?
“Finally, this biological information about the fetus is at least as relevant to the patient’s decision to have an abortion as the gestational age of the fetus, which was deemed to be relevant in Casey. See 505 U.S. at 882. As a result, Planned Parenthood cannot meet even the less rigorous requirement to show a fair chance of prevailing, much less the more rigorous requirement applicable here to show that it is likely to prevail, on the merits of its claim that the disclosure required by § 7(1)(b) is untruthful, misleading or not relevant to the decision to have an abortion.” (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, No. 05-3093, pg.19)
Listen folks, it’s because Planned Parenthood is a business and makes a ton of money from selling death. This 501(c)(3) non-profit makes hundreds of millions of dollars each year from the killing of innocent babies. The bloodshed must end. It’s unjust gain.

Either we will cooperate with the Lord in ending it, or He will do it for us. Make no mistake.

Thank God for the Bound4LIFE South Dakota team that has maintained an ongoing prayer siege at this clinic for two years. I believe they are in the early stages of reaping what they have sown in sacrifice.


ROdger Kistler said...

This is Exciting bro!!


Megan said...

Thank you for your update Matt. We are looking forward to seeing God show Himself mighty here in Colorado this Fall. Very encouraging to hear about SD's progress.

Megan & Valentine Serna

(We're friends of Lynne Hart - Val led worship at the rally when you were here. We've so enjoyed keeping up with you since then. Its great to see your updates.)

Anonymous said...

I say, Speedy Justice Oh God! This is great news. It has been one of my abiding prayers that the Lord expose the facsade that these places have had in the communities where they practice. The whole irony of the names alone, like "planned parenthood," or "Woman's Care." Declarations that couldn't be further from the truth.