Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Milestone

In February of this year, the Senate passed a Native American Apology (authored by Senator Sam Brownback). This came with much prayer dating back to 2003 when God led our company to walk the Trail of Tears as an act of intercession to identify with injustice. That Apology is now stalled in the House.

Yesterday the House passed a resolution apologizing for Slavery and Jim Crow. This is extremely significant. There have already been states that have issued similar apologies, but it was imperative that it come from the federal government.

God has spoken to us clearly concerning the three streams of innocent blood that have flowed into and fueled the demonic strongholds of the nation.
  1. Injustice to the Native American
  2. Injustice to the African American
  3. Injustice to the Unborn
Each one of these must be cut off. The Christian native american leaders have instructed us that the only thing required to sever the ties to the past is an apology. No reparations–no payment for damages. Just a big federal “I’m sorry.”

That’s exactly what this Slavery Apology does as well. There has been fear about these kinds of resolutions because they could open the door to endless lawsuits demanding restitution. This Apology is crafted to go to the root which is to deal with the “misdeeds” and not the “lingering consequences.” I love it that God has used a white man representing a black majority district to bring this forth.

For the full text of the Native American Apology go here and search S.1200.ES.

For the full text of the African American Apology go here and search H.RES.194.EH.


Greg Burnett said...

Yeah, the representative that intiated the statement in the house of representatives is a Jewish man (Cohen is his last name) from a predominantly black district (Memphis). Amazing!

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

One down, one in process, one to go!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, Your links for the apologies seem to be dead. Both told me to resubmit my search to the library. ?

Greg Burnett said...

Here's a current link on this from CNN:

Matt Lockett said...

Thanks John! I didn't know the queries would expire. They're fixed now.