Thursday, September 29, 2005

Signets and Such

We received strong confirmation yesterday that we had broke through in the battle for the next Supreme Court seat and President Bush. We end our 144-hour siege tonight at midnight. Read Psalm 20:1-5. David sacrifices and prays to the Lord before going into battle. Then in the next verse he declares "Now I know." We have been waiting for that moment- the moment you get a word of faith that allows you to say "Now I know!" That's what we felt like we got yesterday. Starting last night, we moved into making decrees over this next seat nomination. Lou Engle felt like God directed him to the book of Esther for this. If you're praying in agreement with us, here's a couple of specific decrees you can make:

Esther 8:2
"We declare that Haman is removed and Esther & Mordecai are raised up."
Esther 8:8
"We declare that the signet ring has been removed from Haman and given to Esther & Mordecai."

Don't stop there. Look at how God changes the law and fate of a nation in a single day. Begin to make decrees of God doing the same thing over the Supreme Court.

Side note: Please pray for our group. The largest television network in Germany arrives today to begin filming us. They will be following us around for about three days. My prayer is that our company will remain humble before them and live above reproach. On an exciting note, Alan Parker made a surprise visit to our prayer rumble last night. He's the attorney that represented Norma McCorvey as she saught to overturn her own ruling in Roe v Wade earlier this year. Now he's representing Sandra Cano, Jane Doe of Doe v Bolton, and expects to have her companion case before the Supreme Court next year. He spoke to us for about 15 minutes about current issues that he wanted us to pray about. What an amazing man! God has given us a strategic alliance between our two warring camps. The Church can't underestimate the significance of what's happening with the Supreme Court now. God is setting His chess pieces in place. He's moving to let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

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Rhonda said...

Wow, Matt, God was just speaking to me about signets as well yesterday!! There is so much in that!