Saturday, September 24, 2005

Siege Baby! Siege

Just a couple pics from our Prayer Siege at the Supreme Court. We're going non-stop for 72 hours, and doing an Esther fast (no food or liquid) also. This is definitely a critical moment for our president. We feel like we're getting breakthrough in the midst of this. While the daytime crew was taking their watch yesterday, a tour bus came by that said "Star of America" on the side. Several of the activists felt like God was confirming that He sees our Esther fast (the name Esther means "star"). Also, one of the activist's mothers called last night. She didn't know about what were doing, but wanted to know if a dream she had was significant. In her dream, she saw President Bush with his arms outstretched holding up a massive weight that included the war in Iraq, gas prices, natural disasters, etc. It was too heavy for him, but then our group came to help support him and support his arms. She said that in the dream it looked like when the marines took the hill at Iwo Jima. What a powerful image!

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