Monday, September 12, 2005

California Continued

Please continue to press in prayer for California. We are sending a team of young people there in the next couple days to go and pray for a period of time. Specifically, they'll be going to San Francisco for 21 days or maybe more. Right now I think we'll be doing 10-hour night watches pleading for God's mercy. This is the prayer key right now- intercede for mercy instead of judgement. Also, pray that widespread revival would grip this state, and that there would be a massive turning to God.

The family is settling into our new rooms today. The Bohlenders left yesterday to move back to Kansas City, and we're moving into their part of the big house. It's all pretty nice compared to the mobile sleeping arrangements we've enjoyed for over a month now. The new Fall internship begins a week from today. About 20 new interns will be arriving this weekend. We all have a lot to do this week to prepare for them. Not to mention that we're attending the confirmation hearings of John Roberts this week. Please pray for him too.

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