Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dusk on the Farm

I looked out the window earlier and the sky was amazing. I grabbed my camera and ran outside for few snapshots and a quiet walk. My friend here seemed very interested too. God has been so good to us. To be living here with this community of believers is really rocking my world. You really get a sense of covenant and fellowship that is so hard to experience in the modern world with our six-foot privacy fences. Taylor started school this week and seems to be liking it a lot. The boys are just loving being with their new friends at a place with lots of places to play.

Small update on our involvement in California. We definitely feel that God has given us an assignment to fulfill in San Francisco. It seems completely ubsurd in the natural sense. It totally goes against common sense and practicality. But we feel God has given us a mandate in this hour to intercede for the state of California. As a result, we will be splitting our group in half. Yes, half. One half will stay here in DC, and the other will be leaving for San Francisco on Monday morning and staying until Yom Kippur (Oct 13). Read this link about this Jewish holiday if you don't already know about it. Things are converging in a major way. This is all particularly insane because the new Fall internship begins Monday and we have 19 new activists arriving over the weekend. Looks like everyone will be doing double duty. We just got an email tonight from an intercessor in California that we didn't previously know. Out of the blue she says that she had a dream two years ago that our kids were caravaning into San Francisco as everyone was evacuating. In the dream, we were excited to be going in because we knew how to difuse the situation. It just keeps getting better and better. Who knows what God is up to, but it must be glorious!

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