Monday, September 05, 2005

Please Pray

Lou Engle is in a season of extended fasting right now. He’s fasting 40 days on only water for breakthrough in a number of areas. I was talking with him yesterday morning, and the intensity in his voice was astounding. If you can imagine, he’s not just sitting quietly in a room meditating through this and conserving his energy. On the contrary, he’s been blasting away in our prayer meetings with everything he’s got. Not to mention teaching and speaking in each of our sessions. He told me that he’s wondering if God would have him go emaciated to identify with the holocaust that is abortion. Does that sound weird? Does that sound too extreme? What is the role of the intercessor? Is it not to stand in the gap. God is looking for people that will identify with His heart. To feel what He feels. Unfortunately, the body of Christ has become quite adept at learning how to not “feel” anything. Somewhere along the line we convinced ourselves that feelings are bad and intellect rules. While there’s definitely valid reason’s for this shift, we’ve also definitely gone too far. Jesus took some disciples with Him on the eve of His final path to crucifixion, and begged them to keep watch with Him. At that most painful and crucial moment, He wanted someone to experience it with Him. Clearly He expressed an immeasurable amount of emotion, but His followers slept through it. What would it have been like to be praying with Him as His sweat turned to blood?

Tonight, after speaking at another event, Lou began to cramp severely and was feeling ill. Please take a moment in prayer and help lift this man’s hands up during this time. Lou Engle is a general in the army of God, and he’s carrying the marching orders right now. He’s paying the price for a better future for all of us–for me, my children and my children’s children. It’s inspiring, and begs the question “What more can I do? How far can I go?”

Also, let us mourn the loss of Chief Justice Reinquist. This amazing man served our country well, and was a strong voice for justice in our nation. I was watching an interview about his life today. I don’t know who the man was being interviewed, but he was close to him. He recounted a number of amazing career accomplishments, but said Judge Reinquist’s greatest regret was not being able to lead the high court in the overturning of abortion. “God, would you give us another judge with a double-portion of wisdom, morality and passion. Give us righteous judges, God, that will restore justice to America.” If you don’t think now that you’re living in a crucial time in history, you’re not breathing. We seem to be in one of those moments when “all bets are off.” Come on!

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