Saturday, September 03, 2005


Do you ever find yourself at a place where you suddenly realize how incredibly inadequate you are? It’s never a gradual realization either. It comes all of a sudden. It must be the Holy Spirit breaking in through all the protective layers of pride, self righteousness and self assurance. When that stuff cracks and breaks, it’s like a flood of sobering truth comes rushing in. “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine,” and then WHOOM! I’m convinced that God is raising up a people that will be big in His eyes and not our own. That’s no big new revelation. I could quote you half a dozen scriptures and put together a three-point sermon on the topic. But it’s a whole ‘nother deal when that truth blasts into your spirit and becomes more real than the air you breathe. That in itself probably shows that we like to talk about it a whole lot more than experience it.

The place got rocked last night. No, not the music. It was the people of God getting rocked by some of the sharpest truth I’ve heard in a long time. Honestly, I can’t remember ever being in meeting like the one I was in last night. We were about half way through our 60-hour prayer meeting, and the presence of God was heavy. A group called Chosen came to join us and minister. They’re a youth drama group out of Alabama. This young dude named Damon spoke, and it was some of the most revelatory stuff I’ve heard on some of the most basic and elementary scriptures. There was so much stuff in there, I’m going to have to get the CD of the session and digest it for the next few months. The overall theme was that it’s imperative now more than ever for the Church to awake in the hour she now lives. I think I saw some stirring last night. There’s definitely a Church waking up.

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