Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I Lost My Heart In San Francisco

Sorry it has been over a week since my last blog entry. Things have been really busy here on Capitol Hill. Anyone following the news is aware of all that's on the table. There's just a general sense of confusion and disorder right now. We were blessed to have Dutch Sheets drop in on our company of intercessors on Monday. He had flown in to DC from Colorado Springs for the sole purpose of praying. God had revealed a few things to him concerning the President, and he came to pray. He didn't come to meet with anyone. He wasn't in town to speak at a conference. He came by himself just to pray what God had shown him. When Lou heard he was in town, he asked him to stop by the JHOP. Now what makes a man like this think that he can get divine information and that he can somehow come here and shift something? I'll write more about this later. Right now I want to focus on our team that went to San Francisco. They've returned in the last few days, and God has enflamed their hearts to return by the end of the year for a long term stay. I asked my good friend Trevor to write something that expressed his heart concerning this trip. Following is a piece he has written.

Trevor Bartholemew Raffeo:
I lost my heart in San Francisco. The moment we arrived my eyes were opened to the brokenness around me. We did 21 days of night watch prayer in the heart of San Francisco. And my heart was shattered thinking about when was the last time God had an incense rising before Him of worship and undefiled love when a city comes alive with perversion idol worship. During our time in San Francicsco the Lord began to ask us to bear the cross that He bore for the sake of those who were dying in the streets and losing their souls because of a bondage that they can not get free from. We began to enter into the sufferings of Christ over His heart for the homosexual community and how He longs to free their souls, call them as sons and daughters and draw them out of many waters (Psalm 18). One of our last days of night watch, right in front of our eyes we were faced with everything we had been praying for. A 22 year old young man walked in. He had just given his life to the Lord and then found out that he had AIDS. It was manifesting on his skin and he was terrified of dying. All we could do was offer him our tears, our prayers and cry out to God. That night we had no great faith or extravagent prayers, all we had were our desperate cries to a merciful Daddy. This young man is only one of thousands and thousands who are broken and dying and all they are looking for is love. We began to hear of stories in which young men and women would get AIDS on purpose because they knew that they would be taken care of by the government. People are literally dying for love and all I could ask myself was “Would I die for love; would I die for them?” My heart has truly been lost in San Francisco.

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