Monday, November 07, 2005

My poor little blog

My entries to this blog have really suffered over the last few weeks. Things have been really busy. Last week our crew traveled to our Charlotte base for a children's equipping conference. It was outstanding. Taylor really received some amazing things. She heard the voice of the Lord like never before in her life. I am a proud papa, and I'm excited to see her calling develop. We were in the middle of an Esther fast last week when things suddenly changed with the Courts. We were unsettled about Harriet Miers and had been for some time. We called the fast in order to cry out for God to clarify the situation. Our prayer was for a crystal clear word for her or to remove her. After two days of the three-day fast, she stepped down from the nomination. Interestingly, in the void of a clear word on Miers, we had received other words that seem to have given us direction concerning Samuel Alito. You can read the article that Lou Engle has written about that direction. In response, we have set our faces to pray and fast for this man's confirmation. Although our numbers do not comfortably support a 24/7 schedule, we have moved into day and night intercession for this critical season. All past battles have led up to this battle. We cannot waiver in the divine moment. The Drudge Report said it best last week with the headline "This one is going to be Armageddon." We initially set out on this schedule when the outlook was a mid-December confirmation (about 40 days). Now the schedule has been set for mid-January, so we'll be going 24/7 for about 70 days. We've completed the first week, and everyone is in high spirits. The radical schedule change is a little hard to get used to, but everyone is extremely positive. We have a morning crew that goes 6 a.m. to noon, an afternoon team goes noon to 6 p.m., the evening team covers 6 p.m. to midnight, and the nightwatch crew blasts through the night from midnight to 6 a.m. We're also currently doing a 21-day liquid fast to see breakthrough in these areas. Consider joining us in prayer and fasting during this pivitol season in America. Stay up to date at our new website It relaunched a few days ago and is in the process of completion. We'll be including in our media section mp3 files of our prayer sets for free download. You'll also be able to subscribe to the free podcast via iTunes. We'll be keeping important news posted and also a blog of thoughts and current events. So download away and join us in prayer to see the nation turned back to God. We also just announced our annual DC conference for January. Consider joining us and be equipped by national and local leaders including Lou Engle, Dutch Sheets, Francis Frangipane, Karen Wheaton and others.

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