Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cough Hack Wheeze

Please pray for Kim and I. Some sickness has gone through the camp, and it hit us both last week and now. I was sick for most of last week with severe congestion, coughing and sore throat. The symtoms are still kind of lingering, and Kim got it this week. It seems to be a bit more severe for her. Please pray for the speedy recovery of both of us. All of the kids seems to be doing fine.

Everyone is commenting on how well Sam is talking lately. He seems to have become quite the socialite. His little two-year-old monologues can be very entertaining, albeit mostly undecipherable. However, something has changed in the last couple weeks, and he is becoming more articulate. It has been a beautiful autumn. I had forgotten the beauty of turning leaves lingering on the branches after living in Colorado for so long. The picture is the view from our bedroom window–absolutely stunning. We all enjoyed feeding apples to the horses on Sunday. We have about 14 horses in our pasture right now, and the kids love to spend time at the fence with them.

We're continuing with a 24/6 schedule in the JHOP. It makes me happy that we're sustaining day and night prayer now. In my dream that sent us on our journey, the nightwatch was so key to accomplishing the objective. Please continue to pray for the confirmation of Samuel Alito. We believe he is God's chosen instrument for the high court. Pray for favor for this man. Also pray that our leadership team would have wisdom. We were recently contacted by Nightline. They would like to interview us and report on the organization, but we're not sure if we want to be "outed" in this way just yet.

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