Monday, October 17, 2005

A Question About Our Clock

It would seem that there are many more people out there reading this little blog than I realized. There seems to be a question about this mysterious clock that has come up (see below). To answer the question: Yes, it is an atomic clock. The resetting of the clock was not a terribly stange occurance in and of itself. Perhaps I should have clarified that I wasn't suggesting that the finger of God was spinning our little clock hands around. The real question here is "how does God speak?" You can choose to walk through life with the opinion that God doesn't speak anymore, or you can choose to believe that He does speak in a multitude of ways. He may give you a thundering voice from above or he may give you a compassionate word from a complete stranger. Both of them and everything in between are all windows that we can choose to look through- windows that can bring direction, confirmation and adjustment. Ken Gire discusses this in his book "Windows of the Soul." I believe God gives us many opportunities to hear and respond to his voice.

So what about that clock? As I said, resetting itself isn't terribly exciting. But, you see, it's the timing of the whole thing that was significant to us. It's not like we were sitting around waiting for a time discrepancy to adjust, and then quickly begin praying for Isaiah 40:3. No, a group of young people that have sacrificed their lives in prayer for our nation were in the middle of a 5-hour prayer meeting. They were crying out and weeping for God to bring revival to our nation. Then the clock reset itself to the right time of 4:03 as they were praying for the Spirit of Elijah to come. God is all about timing. That's why none of His words fall to the ground. They accomplish everything He sends them to do. Earlier this year as Kim and I were in the heat of deciding whether or not to move to DC, we were faced with making a final decision one day as we talked on our cell phones. I asked her, "Do you really think we can do it?" She giggled and said "Yes. The license plate on the car in from of me right now literally says 'GO DC'." Now one person will dismiss something like that and another will take it very seriously. I happen to believe that the overall problem is not that God isn't speaking. Rather, the problem tends to be that we aren't listening.

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