Tuesday, October 11, 2005

California Bound

Please pray for Lou this week. He, two of his sons and one of the JHOP team are traveling to San Francisco today. They’ll be spending a few days with the team that we sent there last month. Just a recap, God began to give us major direction to do intercession for California in light of recent prophetic words about impending judgement. We believe, for the time being, that God may have relented. The original plan was to go in, pray and get out. Our team went there in September with the attitude of Joel 2’s “who knows?”. Could it be that God has turned with pity and intends to leave behind a blessing instead? We’re not sure, but suddenly financial blessing has been provided in the last few weeks for the express purpose of establishing a long-term JHOP in California.

The two great giants that taunt the American Church are abortion and homosexuality. She has had no authority over them because she’s just as guilty as anyone in these areas. God gave our group a specific mandate in 2004 that we would challenge these two Goliaths. We believe our expeditionary team in San Francisco have been laying the early groundwork for how we are to combat the spirit behind homosexuality. We have been getting from them incredible reports of how God has given them such a profound love for the homosexual community during their intercession. Clearly, this is the primary missing ingredient with how the Church has responded to these individuals in the past. This kind of love can only come as we identify with Christ at the deepest levels. This will be unlike any battle the Church has ever fought. We are believing God for a massive revival to take place among the homosexuals!

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