Friday, October 07, 2005

The Harriet Anointing

Sorry it has been a few days since my last entry. Things have been pretty busy this week. Many of you have been asking "What are you guys getting on Harriet Miers?" There has been a lot of mixed feelings about her among christian conservatives. I heard that James Dobson initially endorsed her, but now he has withdrawn his support. Who knows? You really can't go by what the media is saying. You never know what the individual motivations are anyway. Honestly, we hadn't gotten anything specific from the Lord like we had concerning John Roberts. But we felt like that changed a couple days ago. Over the course of one day several people here and outside our group independantly began to connect Harriet Miers with Harriet Tubman and Harriet Beecher Stowe. We felt like we got enough confirmation from multiple sources that this was something God was revealing in our prayer life. So what does all that mean? We're calling for massive prayer and fasting for a "Harriet Anointing" to come upon Ms. Harriet Miers.

Further confirmation came Wednesday evening as Lou Engle was talking with Dutch Sheets on the phone. He explained the whole Harriet thing that we were getting, and Dutch felt a major confirmation in his spirit. He told Lou to write it up, and he would help mobilize the Body of Christ to start praying that way. What's more exciting is that Lou then got a call from our close Senator friend and ally. He explained that he would be meeting with Ms. Miers on Thursday, and he wanted to know if we were getting anything about her. Lou explained the Harriet thing to him and called for him to prophesy to her who God has called her to be. That's a huge risk for this man, but we believed it could be a divine moment. Then, in our Thursday morning meeting, we got a major download from the Lord that this man's meeting could be a Mordecai/Esther moment. Literally, he could be the one to call her forth into her destiny at this hour. We sent him a couple of urgent text messages detailing our prayers unsure if he would be able to follow through with such a crazy request. I'm excited to say the he called Lou back yesterday afternoon to let him know that he siezed the moment. The message was delivered! Can you believe this? I'm blown away that God gave us this prophetic word on Wednesday, and then provided an avenue to deliver the word to her the next day. God is so amazing. "Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7)

Mobilize prayer meetings now. Begin to call forth this womans destiny. Declare that she will be that Anointed Harriet. I shared with Lou that when Abraham Lincoln first met Harriet Beecher Stowe he greeted her by saying, "So this is the little woman that started the big war." He said that we need to pray this over Ms. Miers. Pray that she will be the little woman that ends the big holocaust. The Church must contend in this hour. History is not in autopilot. Events change and sway for the praying and fasting Church. We need to go to war on this thing, not recline in curiosity and apathy. Like Esther, pray that Ms. Miers realize her divine moment or be removed so another can.



The Welcome Wagon said...

You are such a nerd! You with your name droppage!! Oooohhh! La te dah!! Matt is so important now, he is on a first name basis with all of the big names around the country...Dutch, Lou, Mr. SenatorGuy, etc.
Seriously Matt, the church needs to hear what you said in your blog. It is the truth. Your hometeam here in Denver (us) is supporting you and we take your words to heart. When you say fast, we do. When you send a call to intercession, we will and do answer. So we will be before the Lord with this. Thanks for your updates.

cathy said...

Hi Matt,

Your blog not only reaches your hometeam in Denver, but it is crucial for us up here in NY/NJ. You've never met us but my husband works for a conservative radio talk show host and these issues are a part of our lives as well. We are quietly praying for the Justice House of Prayer and for the abortion issue and Surpreme Court. In fact, my family in PEI Canada, and Winnipeg, MB, Canada are also reading your blog for updates and looking forward to each new prayer directive.