Sunday, August 07, 2005

Tammy Faye Baker???

After some much needed rest we spent yesterday repacking the trucks and driving to DC from Charlotte. The Charlotte base is pretty cool. Big developmental plans and lots of work are in store. We got the microwave tour of the old PTL Heritage USA property. Now that’s a weird one–very surreal. In its hayday, it was the largest Christian ministry in the world. The Baker’s were on track to build an entire city down there. Now it’s like a 900-acre ghost town surrounded by golf courses and new development. Everything has been sitting vacant for about 17 years, and many of the buildings are in pretty sad shape. There have been many prophetic words that have come concerning God wanting to redeem that property and birth a massive revival and youth movement out of it. Why the old Heritage USA land? C'mon, there’s such a stigma surrounding it. One word from the Lord said that God was going to use this property because of the “widow’s mites.” (Mark 12:41-44) God still wants to honor all the small offerings that all the little old ladies sent to that ministry back in the 80’s. They weren’t for nothing! Leave it to God to raise up something wonderful from something that went so astray.

We got to DC late last night. Sarah leaves this afternoon and flies back to Denver. She’s been wonderful, and we love her more than she’ll ever know. BY THE WAY- Sarah is leaving for her second year of Master's Commission in Seattle in about a month. She is currently raising funds in order to pay for her tuition. This is an extremely worthwhile ministry and an extremely worthwhile person. If you know her, please help by making a small donation. If you don't know her and still want to help, just let me or Kim know. We’re going to try to get into downtown and do some siteseeing before she leaves. Lou and Therese Engle are letting us stay in their house while they’re gone. They’re back in California for the summer taking care of their house and some other things. It’s strange finding myself living in the house and sleeping in the bed of one of my heros of the faith. God has certainly brought us a long way from the dream he gave me almost a year ago.


Kathyrn Colbert said...

My dearest Matt and Kim and kids - I'm happy to hear that you are there sfe and sound - not that I doubted for a moment that you wouldn't be divinely protected on your journey. God Bless. kathyrn c

Randy Bohlender said...

if you're bluetooth mouse shows up Paul.

Alie Aukerman said...

Matt and Kim,
I am so gald that you arrived safely. I am praying for you daily and I cannot wait to see how God moves.
Love and blessings,