Monday, May 04, 2009

All-New JHOPDC Open House

The opening of the new JHOPDC has been kind of a “soft opening”. What’s a soft opening you ask? It’s like an out-of-town opening except it’s in town. I know, some of you may be thinking, “I remember when the JHOP first opened. One day it was closed; the next day it was open.” Maybe you were there and saw it for yourself. But this is different.

[fans of Ocean’s 13 will appreciate that bit]

Anyway, JHOPDC has moved from it’s previous location of the last four years, and this week we’re inviting everyone to our Open House. Come see the new digs which will serve as home for the new Prayer Room and JHOPDC internship. That’s right, we’ve combined the Prayer Room and housing all in one facility to help with high urban-dwelling costs, so you can come get a little taste of what life will be like for the young people responding to the call to prayer in the nation’s Capitol.

JHOPDC will serve as the flagship and headquarters for Bound4LIFE as we take our ongoing daily stand in silent siege of the United States Supreme Court.

Concluding our three-day Open House we’ll be hosting a special Friday Night Rumble with Radiant Worship this Friday, May 8th. If you’re in the DC area this week or maybe in town for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, we’d love to have you drop by to see the new place.

Wed, 5/6
4–8 PM Open House
Thur, 5/7
4–8 PM Open House
Fri, 5/8
4–6 PM Open House
7–9 PM Friday Night Rumble with Radiant Worship

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