Thursday, May 07, 2009

Prayer Rumble

Here’s a little something from last Friday night’s Prayer Rumble in JHOPDC. What’s far more interesting are the 37 intercessors behind the camera’s point of view roaring in prayer for the nation.

Today is the National Day of Prayer. There is organized prayer for America going on in all 50 states today. Please take some time to join in crying out for mercy for the nation and God’s wisdom for our government, pastors, parents, children and everyone in between.

photo by Levi Bethune, photo blog


leviBethune said...

Thanks for the link! You look pretty diesel in this photo... the 'Mini' Polo kind of throws it off a bit though, but only because I know you drive a van.

Greg Burnett said...

Matt Lockett, you and the JHOPDC rock!!!

Cathy said...

Just saw a photo of someone with LIFE tape on their mouth on the homepage of the NY POST regarding protesting Obama's speech. Nice to see that LIFE tape!