Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Eagle Has Landed

Happy belated Easter!

I want to thank everyone that provided encouragement and support during the last couple weeks. We have OFFICIALLY moved back to the DC area. Every time that we've moved across the country I've said that I'll never do it again, and this time is no different. I'll never do this again...at least until the next time I have to do it.

Actually it feels great to be back up here, and my whole family and team is excited for what's next. Even in spite of the unseasonably cold weather and rain–lots and lots of rain. Let's just say that the only thing worse than loading a moving truck in the rain is UNLOADING a moving truck in the rain. Without a doubt we come back to this city at a time when no one has any answers. In the last month, three Congressmen that we didn't previously have relationship with have called asking for prayer from JHOP. One has invited us to come to his office and speak to him and his staff about what we're doing, and he's also offered to promote JHOP to other Congressmen as a source of prayer. C'mon God!

Please continue to pray for my family and I as we work through this transition. We're currently staying with some friends that have graciously offered a basement apartment to us for the interim. We so thankful for this provision as we continue to try to sell or rent our house in Charlotte. If you're so inclined, click the PayPal button to the right. Every little bit counts right now, and we could sure put it to good use.

Again, thanks for all your prayers and support.


kistlersmissions.com said...

Im glad a man like you senior Lockett is on the hill!

David Bereit said...

Hooray! Matt Lockett and family have moved to my neck of the woods!! I am SO excited!

--David Bereit :-)