Monday, August 21, 2006

YWAM Wham!

I'm so encouraged today. Some YWAMers have come to South Dakota to fight with us. They were sent here by a dream, knowing nothing of what's going on or what we're doing. They're with the group out of Tyler, TX. That same group has mobilized a large group to reinforce our team in DC as well. C'mon YWAM!

We held our second silent siege on Saturday. What a powerful time. We had about 100 intercessors show up to participate. Many were local residents from Sioux Falls, but there was a surprising amount from the surrounding area. Some folks drove from over an hour away to be there. We will siege again this Saturday, and we're entertaining the thought of continuing on September 2nd during Life Light.

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Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Way to go YWAM. Love them!