Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Life Light & Sieges

Things are busy busy busy. I've been traveling all over the wonderful state of South Dakota. I've had the privilege of preaching in churches all over the place and in a variety of denominations. I've been invited into everything from Assemblies of God to Lutheran and Baptist to Wesleyan. God is intent on unifying his church on the issue of LIFE. We're so encouraged by what we're beginning to see here.

Life Light
is this weekend. We'll have a prayer tent going night and day for the three days, and Lou will be speaking the LIFE message from the main stage on Sunday afternoon. They're expecting over 300,000 people this year during the three-day event. Then we're calling a state-wide season of prayer and fasting for 21 days (September 5-25).

We've been sieging for the last three Saturdays. Turnout has been good. We've had 100+ each week with 130 the first week. One of the sieges was covered by the local NBC affiliate. Kim, Taylor and I were featured in the segment. You can see it at this link.

Well, it all just a quick update. The family's sitting down to eat dinner at Panera now. We're all kinda sick of dining out all the time. Especially since it usually ends up being fast food.


Alie said...

Awesome Matt!! We are praying for you here in Colorado! God is moving. You guys are missed.

darin said...


If you're sick of fast food, my wife and I will gladly make y'all a home-cooked, midwestern meal...

Steve said...

That is a manly beard.