Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Calling all intercessors

Today was a busy day. We got some office furniture donated to us for free. "Cheap is good, but free is better" as my friend Amy says. We spent most of the day cleaning and setting up the office space. We had the carpets cleaned and they look awesome now. Before we did any of that though, I took the team to 6511 West 41st Street. This is the location where 814 human beings were slain in 2004, and who knows how many since then. There's a building there. From it hangs a defiant banner that reads "PLANNED PARENTHOOD- THESE DOORS WILL STAY OPEN!" We prayed there on the sidewalk today. It wasn't long, but it was powerful.

We will build a wall here like the one in Ez 22:30.
We will build a wall here between Planned Parenthood and the high school across the street.
We will build a wall here like the one we've had in DC for 22 months straight.
We will build a wall here to declare life to South Dakota.
"When the victors, when they come, when the forts of folly fall, find my body near the wall."

This Saturday we will lay siege on this spot. We will be fasting lunch and gathering on the sidewalk in silent prayer from 11 am to 1 pm. No protests, just prayer. We appeal to a higher court and intercede for the defenseless. I want to put 200 people on the wall this weekend and more later. Come South Dakota, the Lord of Hosts is summoning you to battle. We'll see how things intensify and develop in the coming weeks, but come this Saturday and join us with LIFE tape on your mouth. Have to work? Then fast lunch, and join us for 30 minutes. I promise that you'll never be the same again.

Life for South Dakota.

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