Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This is why we can't wait. We can't delay. We can't hesitate in this moment. South Dakota, now is the time.
Summer Ramp '06


Eric Morgan said...

Wow..what a video! I almost started weeping with joy!!

Dave & Carolyn said...

Matt, what a powerful video. There are now words to say what that video made me feel. All we can say is that we are beside you, intercessing on your behalf with all of our hearts - and we continue to siege with you and your family, and stand in unity with everyone that is warring against this dark defeated enemy.

You guys are heros, you are more than conquerers... and the victory is already won! Keep pressing! Be encouraged you mighty man of valor - for in due season we shall see the victory!

We love you so much.

Till the race is finished,


Steve & Carri Shuler said...

Visions & Prophecy are vital for today and this continues to prove God's Word is alive! This video is a must for ALL to see!!! Praise God!

We are with you in prayer and think about you often. You are being used in a mighty way! Continue to run this race for Christ. We are praying for His continued anointing; His power; His love, to be poured out upon the Lockett family. This way, as the pouring frmo God overflows, it can touch others!

We love you and Praise Our God for your faithful service and ministry!