Thursday, October 05, 2006

Showdown at the Not-So-OK Corral

Bound4LIFE folks are standing in silent prayer in front of the Supreme Court 24 hours a day this week. Monday was the opening day of the Court and tomorrow (10/6) the Justices will review a case that could shift history. Most are familiar with the 1973 case Roe v Wade, but few know about it's companion case, Doe v Bolton, that sealed it. Norma McCorvey, aka Roe, is now a Christian and has saught to have her case overturned. In February of 2005, the Court refused to hear her case and responded with "no comment." Now Sandra Cano, aka Roe, has also become a Christian and is seeking to have her case overturned as well. It is her case that the Court will review on Friday. We received a dream two years ago in which Sandra Cano came out of the Supreme Court to our team standing in front. She asked them, "Will you stand with me when my case goes to court?" Well here we are- 24 hours a day.

Yesterday, as the team was standing with LIFE tape in front of the Court, five of the Judges walked out onto the steps to pose for some photos. What an incredible moment- Judges standing on the steps of the Court facing out and approximately 70 Bound4LIFE activists lined up facing them in total silence. One of my friends there said the Judges were pointing at them and talking to each other. We pray that the message of LIFE has been shouted to them, and they will judge rightly tomorrow. They will announce on Monday, Oct 9th, if they have agreed to hear the case.

It is vital that this case be considered now. Roe v Wade is bad law. 33 years ago we had no scientific evidence of when life begins, and so the law was made based on that lack of knowledge. Now we know differently, and there is a vast amount of evidence that contradicts that point of view. 33 years ago we had no idea what the long-term psychological effects would be for post-abortive women. Now we know differently, and there is a vast amount of evidence that documents its destructive aftermath. This is the basis for Sandra's case. It carries the weight of thousands of affidavits from post-abortive women that all declare "Abortion Hurts Women."

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Jackson Bohlender said...

We're contending with you here in Kansas City!

I'm leading a group of our youth tonight. We're in the IHOP prayer room all night interceding for Doe v. Bolton.