Friday, October 13, 2006

Fisher's 6th Birthday

Fisher turned six yesterday, and we celebrated with him at his favorite establishment- Chuck E Cheese. He has officially been given the title of "The Good King" by one of the staff, and the name has kinda stuck. The crown wasn't just a novelty of the day. He's been wearing one often. The battery on our camera died, but we managed to capture a little bit with a few tokens and the Chuck E Cheese instant photomat.


Steve & Carri Shuler said...

Wow! He's growing up so fast!
Happy Birthday Fisher!

From Tumbleweed & Cactus Carri

Elizabeth Kosorski said...

Happy Birthday Fisher!! You're "One Fiiiiiine Looooking Man!" Love the crown.

rhonda said...

Happy Birthday Fisher!!!
I remember a time when Aimee and I did one of those Chuck E Cheese pictures and gave it to you.....I don't even want to guess where that picture might be now.