Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I've been traveling for the last three days with the South Dakota Family Policy Council. They're sponsoring rallys in multiple cities across the state with some phenomenal guest speakers. Dr. Lawrence White, Dr. Rick Scarborough and Dr. Alan Keyes have done an amazing job at uniting a broad spectrum of the body of Christ. White is a Lutheran. Scarborough is a Southern Baptist. And Keyes is a Catholic. 750 Rapid City residents attended the Monday gathering, and another 600 joined us last night in Aberdeen. We had an intimate last-minute gathering with local pastors this afternoon in Watertown, and we're expecting a huge crowd in Sioux Falls tonight.

I unexpectedly got to sit in the car with Dr. Keyes for about two hours yesterday as we traveled across state. We talked non-stop about everything from the Supreme Court to border security. My brain was numb for a while after the trip. Mid-state I enjoyed a Subway sub with Dr. Scarborough. He was familiar with our ministry and what we've been doing in front of the Supreme Court for over two years now. Today I got to have lunch with Dr. White. He is a man of profound conviction and cares deeply for the future of America. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time with these men.

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