Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hour of Decision

Sorry I haven't written much in the last week. I know many of you out there check this site often for updates on what we're doing. I haven't abandoned it or lost interest though. I simply haven't had time to put thoughts to page or even the ability to distill what's happening right now. Suffice it to say I've been led supernaturally on a journey to South Dakota. That's right, I'm in South Dakota right now.

In a nutshell, here's what's going on. In February of this year, both the House and Senate of SD passed HB-1215 and Governor Mike Rounds signed it into law. That's the bill that suddenly got the attention of the entire nation because it banned abortion. No, abortion didn't end, but this was designed to make sure that it did anticipating Roe v Wade being overturned in the Supreme Court at some point in the near future. Immediately, pro-choice activist groups decended on these small midwestern towns and mustered a signature petition to have the law put to popular vote on November 7th. So, again, the state is in an hour of decision. It's all about where you stand on the shedding of innocent blood. Law makers have taken a bold stand on this issue and have done their duty. Now the people must decide by showing up at the ballot box in less than four months. Planned Parenthood is currently fund raising on a massive scale and launching an ad campaign designed to sway the masses and specifically to confuse them so that people are unclear on the issue. The item on the ballot will be called "Referred Law 6" and people need to vote "Yes" on it in order to keep the new law on the books.

Now this is an interesting development. As soon as Governor Rounds signed the law, the president of the Sioux Nation made a stunning statement. Cecelia Fire Thunder, their first female president, told the press that she would personally open an abortion clinic on the Sioux reservation in Pine Ridge out of the jurisdiction of the US government. What an incredibly defiant move! What has developed in the aftermath is nationally significant though. On May 31st the Council of Elders convened and moved to suspend Ms. Fire Thunder while impeachment hearings took place. On June 29th the Sioux Nation impeached their president. They released a statement that abortion was not consistent with Sioux values because "life is sacred."

As a ministry The Cause has been in a whirlwind for the last week and half. Divine appointments have opened up. Unexpected invitations have arose. And step by step we have been drawn into South Dakota. Why? Why now? Why us? We have revisited a prophetic word that was released by Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets on June 28, 2004 which says this in part:

God is going to use this state very strategically to tear down national strongholds. If we don’t get breakthrough in SD... we don’t get revival in America. SD will become a very conspicuous place... from this place the nation will begin to be legislated. There is something here that has to happen that is going to release the nation, and if we don’t get it here, the nation can’t go into what the Lord wants.

The prophecy goes on to say:
I just decree right now, in Jesus’ name, that the Spirit of God is coming to visit the Native People of this state... There is going to be an outpouring of the Spirit of God that comes to this region, and it is going to flow through all of these reservations... there has been something reserved for those people, and they will rise up and begin to be seen as a people of God, as a blessed people, as a people visited by the very Spirit of the Lord, and there will be a move of God’s Spirit that will be key to what He wants to do in this entire state.

Now c'mon. How do you walk into Pierre, SD and get that? Have you seen Pierre? South Dakota is the poster child for small town America. The local sore point I've discovered here is that Rand McNally actually left South Dakota out of the almanac. When called on it, they said "Well, South Dakota doesn't matter anyway." (A comment they quickly retracted) We believe that God is wanting to fulfill this word right now. I am here with my friend Ferrill Galloway, director for Bound 4 Life, meeting with local pastors and leaders to discuss what God is wanting to do. As a ministry, we are considering sending all of our forces to South Dakota in September for 21 days of 24/7 prayer and fasting. We want to mobilize the entire nation to rally to SD to fight the battles of the Lord. Were dreaming big on this one. What if thousands and thousands hear the call to come to South Dakota? What if they join the South Dakotans here and throw themselves into prayer and fasting with abandon. What if the hearts of this state remain steadfast on the abortion issue and simultaneously a third seat opens up on the Supreme Court? What if President Bush appoints a third conservative judge that becomes the swing vote to overturn Roe v Wade? What if South Dakota then becomes the first state to ban abortion in America and begin to redeem the land? What if the prophetic word is true?

It's worth everything I have to find out.

Print this out. Share it with everyone you know. Begin to pray and mobilize in every circle of influence you have be it big or small. Watch for more info here on my blog and also at


Dave & Carolyn said...

I don't even know what to say at this. It's just incredible what God is doing in your lives. Just wish we could be there and encounter first hand what God is doing - especially through this prophecy that is beginning to come to pass.

We love you and pray for you guys often. You are on our hearts and we are excited to see how God is not only using you, but where He will end up taking you on this incredible journey...

Walking in His favor together,


Rhonda said...

Shut your lips! That blows my mind! We are all praying out here and we'll get more involved as we find intercesssors. Dag, this is big! Good stuff! The Lord is good!

Anonymous said...


I googled ya! You rock beyond words; thank you so much for rallying the troups on your blog! You and Ferrill are the very image of Christ to us. We can never, ever tell you fullyhow thankful we are.

Amy Hofer

Brenda David said...

Yeah I second that. We are totally amazed at what God is doing in little ol' SD! It was absolutely awesome to meet you & Ferrill and we can't wait for your return so we can start building the seige ramps together! See you soon!