Thursday, July 13, 2006

Back to the Midwest

My trip to Sioux Falls, SD was an overwhelming success. God's hand moved mightily, and it seems to be a season of disruption. This feels like one of those times when all bets are off. The Lord himself changes the times and seasons of our lives. Ferrill and I went to South Dakota with a long list of tasks, and nearly every item was accomplished. We couldn't have had a more productive time. We'll be returning next Friday to do the same thing in Rapids City on the western side of the state. I'm hoping for a little extra time to maybe see Mt. Rushmore and visit some of the Sioux reservations.

In addition to scouring the city for office space and living arrangements, we did anywhere from four to seven meetings a day with little sleep in between. We met with pastors, community leaders, businessmen, intercessors, leaders of the Sioux Nation and Republican campaign directors. Three State Senators even attended some of the meetings, and I think there may have been some Representatives in there somewhere. Something big is stirring in South Dakota.

We're excited to have made a connection with the South Dakota Family Policy Council. They're the SD arm of James Dobson's Focus on the Family. We're praying for a closer and continued relationship with Dr. Dobson as Bound 4 Life gets launched in a big way this September in South Dakota. Two people that I had the extreme pleasure of spending several days with were Gabriel Medicine Eagle and his wife Vi. They are amazing people, and I'm humbled to have spent time with them. Gabe is a native pastor among the Sioux people and has done much to plow the way for a massive move of God on the reservations.

Please pray for finances to come to us. In many ways, we're way over our head. But I realize that God wants this more than I do, so my trust is in Him to accomplish everything. Also, please pray for wisdom for our leadership team. We're considering throwing everything we've got at South Dakota. In military terms, it's called "concentration of force." We're pondering what it means for us if we pull people from our bases in DC, Charlotte, Boston and San Francisco all at the same time.

Lord, I pray for open heavens for South Dakota!


Eric Morgan said...

Good stuff Matty! I forgot to tell you in our conversation that I had been praying that God would stop that Sioux abortion clinic thingy. I didn't realize it was just one person (the president of the Sioux) that had taken it on herself to do awesome answer to prayer!

Kelsey Bohlender said...

Pulling forces together for a concentrated battle in SD could mean forest fires will "merge" just like they have in California this week. C'mon.

Anonymous said...

There is Open Sky in SD. Pray for more.

krista said...

Hey Matt- my parents ( grew up in the Rapid City area, and we still have much family and connections there. Including some Lakota relatives. If you guys need any help, let me know. I spent most of my summers there growing up, in the Black Hills. It's beautiful!!! And OH so ripe. I have a grandmother who has been praying for revival there and is a longtime intercessor there... she's in her mid 80's. She's so excited!!!

krista said...

oops. you'd think i'd know my own parents site. try: