Friday, April 14, 2006

busy busy

Just a quick entry with not much time to write. We ended the 40 days in Boston on Sunday the 9th. We had an incredible 4 day conference that evening, and we're expectant of something amazing to happen in New England and Harvard. Total hits on the Facedown40 site was 3,858,414. We're all completely blown away by the amount of support and rallied prayer.

We spent the beginning of the week mopping up loose ends in Boston and sent the interns on their way back to DC on Tuesday. Our family stayed behind and spent Wednesday prayer walking Bradford College. It's a small New England school that closed its doors in May 2000. Unbelievably, it has sat unoccupied for almost six years, and the price is rediculously cheap. We're praying for a financial stream that could allow The Cause to purchase it and open an international base for training and mobilization of a new Student Volunteer Missions Movement.

We drove back to DC yesterday, and we're leaving for vacation tonight. Indiana's our destination for Easter with family. Then we're off to Florida for a little R&R on the beach.

Keep y'all posted soon.

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