Saturday, April 29, 2006

64+ oz. of Pure Love

We found this guy while stuck in a traffic jam, so I did a little internet research. Unless this guy did his own mod, 1988 Chevy Astro vans didn’t come with built-in catheters.

That travel mug is larger than his thigh! Can anyone say "The Bladinator?"


chicken kicker said...

matt you are such a NERD!!!!! love it.

Anonymous said...

Hey when are you guys getting back to JHOP? I am in town for 9 days with as I am on the National Day of Prayer Planning Committee and I am going to being staying at JHOP (The Farm) for a few days afterward. Are you going to be back the 1-9th?

E-mail me your answer!!!

Liz said...

Sweet. I just got home and saw that one of my roommates had brought in almost an exact replica. What does it mean?! :)