Thursday, April 20, 2006

At home in Indiana

Greetings from the land of the indian. It is ridiculously green here (think Cambodia). In the last few days we've gone from 40° Boston with bare trees to 65° DC starting to turn green. Now it's like 80° and water-logged here in Indy. Some tornados ripped through here last week. I drove right down the middle of one such path the other day. It looked like a war zone except one house would be fine and the one next to it would be completely gone. Of course, amid all the homes in its path, the tornado did manage to search and destroy at least one mobile home. There must be some unseen meteorological force at work that magnetically draws tornados to trailers.

We leave for Florida on Saturday. White sand beach here I come.

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Liz said...

Have an amazing time in FL, Matt. You definitely deserve it. Wish we could all join you. But then it really wouldn't be a vacation for you... What beach are you going to exactly? ;)