Monday, March 06, 2006


That stands for Grand Rapids as in Michigan. I've been in MI for the last four days preaching and teaching at Kentwood Community Church. A group of their young people fasted for 30 hours this weekend, and my friend Jeff asked me to come and minister during that time. I feel like bones are rattling here. Ezekiel was taken into a valley of dry bones and asked "Can they live?" The Lord instructed him to prophesy to the bones, and they began to rattle and come together. When they stood to their feet, they made a vast army. It has been an incredible weekend of not only sharing what Kim and I are doing in DC but also imparting a warring spirit and faith for prayer and fasting. I am totally encouraged by what I have seen here. Dreams have exploded immediately. One key adult leader had a significant dream that I think is a window of destiny for this group. What's encouraging is that the dream had a sense of urgency and dealt with building an army of soldiers. Many of the young people received windows dealing with personal issues and callings, and they felt confident that God was communicating intimate things with them. What more could you ask for?

Shake, rattle and roll.


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Eric said...

Hey mattie! In case you read this before your gotta check out your email from me!! :) Good posts; keep it up!

Alie said...

That is so awesome! God gave me that very scripture for the campus here at CCU! God is moving! This is just the start!!!

Rhonda said...

Chicken Kicker!!

Liz said...

That is crazy that you blogged about Ezekiel and the "dry bones". This morning as I was praying on the mic at IHOP for God to break in on the college campuses, He gave me those verses and Joel. The singers then came in with the chorus "Breath on the dry bones, breath on the dry bones!"

Yes, God, breath on the dry bones in Michigan & all over the US!

Liz said...

OOOOO... I also prayed that He would pour out His Spirit with dreams & visions via Joel 2:28!!! God is so cool.... His Spirit is moving!