Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Fighting 49ers

An extra devotional has been blasted out today, the third day of an intensifed fast coinciding with Purim. Many of our company have intensified their fasts for the last three days during the overall 40-day fast by going only water and some to Esther fast (no food/no water). We feel like God has given us laserbeam focus in this time for our prayers concerning the Middle East. Please follow the link to The Fighting 49ers and read this stirring devotion written by Lou this morning. It is profound to say the least. Please remember that our 40-day fast began March 1 and ends April 9- "4/9". Blast this meditation out to everyone you know. Print it out and post it on bulletin boards. Sky write it if you have to. This could be the Church's finest hour.

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