Friday, March 10, 2006

Dreaming in Boston

We have experienced some clear breakthrough in prayer in the last couple 0f days. If you don't already know, we have our entire company of intercessors here in Boston for 40 days of 24/7 prayer and fasting. We're specifically targeting the issues of Great Awakening and the Middle East with a focus of revival on America's college campuses. Harvard, the first university in America, is our flashpoint. Overall details for these issues can be found at Details for what we're doing at Harvard can be found (click on the link for Uprising).

Three key dreams have come in the last couple days that are rocking us. I'll save the interpretations for later and just give the dreams for now.

1. Thorns and Thistles (Kim Lockett)
Everyone from JHOP was gathered together, and we were looking out at a massive field of wheat that was ready for harvest. In between us and the field though was a dense area of thorns and thistles. We all looked over to the side and saw Lou Engle talking with Bob Jones privately. We strained our ears to overhear Bob telling Lou, "The harvest is guaranteed if you can get to it." The implication of this statement was not one of doubt but more of a challenge.

2. Joel in the Basement (Chris Berglund)
Chris was in a house and it was nighttime. He was told that Joel had arrived and was in the basement. He asked when he could see him, but was told that he couldn't see him until morning.

3. Persian Cats (outside the camp from someone unfamiliar with what we're doing)
Lou Engle was standing in one of the gates to Harvard Yard. In front of him was a beautiful persian cat that was distracting him. While looking at the first cat, a second persian cat that was completely demonized was using it's claws to rip and shred his back.

I'll try to write about some insights soon. Stay tuned.

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