Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Another Big Relief

Our buyers had our house inspected yesterday. Even though practically everything in the house is brand new and rebuilt, I was still nervous that something would come up that I had missed. I did pretty much all the work myself (uh, with a little help from Kim). The inspection lasted two and half hours, so I was kinda freaking out that they might be picking it apart. I crossed paths with the buyer and his realtor as they were leaving. I was very happy and relieved to hear that they loved everything, and they weren't going to ask for anything on inspection. I talked with the buyer for a while and had the chance to walk through our home with him. I was extremely happy to hear that he and his fiancé absolutely love the house and all the work we put into it. They can't wait to take possession, so it doesn't look like much else could get in the way of closing. It's nice to find out that all our hard work will be appreciated. Kim and I are very proud of what we did with this property. I can't overemphasize what a pit it was when we bought it.

God is providing for us in miraculous ways. We are extremely blessed.


linsie said...

well matt, congratulations on the house and on everything with dc and just life in general. you and kim are amazing people and have taught me so much and help me more then you'll ever know at a time when i needed to be shown God's love more than ever. i can't say i won't miss you, i'm definitely sad to see you go, but i know that God has incredible things for you in dc and i can't wait to hear about them. and i will be sending you frequent emails on "a day in the life of linsie," so don't you worry your face about that one. thanks again matt (and kim) for all you've done. you'll be in my prayers.
God bless,

p.s. it's a good thing i'm not telling you this in person, cuz i'm already crying. besides, you know i'm training to be a cage fighter...

linsie said...

oh, and i had to create a dumb blog to actually send this message, so i might actually keep it going...we'll see.